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35 Coconut Oil Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

Karli Jaenike, a Senior Content Marketing Specialist with siegemedia.com, shared with Healthy Lombard that most people want to know what ingredients go into their beauty products. However, with so many toxins, fillers and foreign ingredients in beauty products, it’s difficult to be sure. One way to stay as natural as possible when it comes to […]

Paleo Replacement Food Guide

SnapKitchen.comshared with Healthy Lombard that food cravings can be the biggest risk to your diet, especially if you are prone to giving in to them. They can feel intense, but they’re also totally normal – in fact, ultra-processed and hyper-palatable foods are designed to make you crave them (evil, we know!)  Cravings can also be […]

Seeing Green

The Children & Nature Network shared  Rupu Gupta & Uduak Grace Thomas article from  The New Nature Movement that though green spaces such as neighborhood parks certainly exist in urban settings, there remains a disconnect between access and experience of the natural environment for many people living in these communities. Certainly, some programs and interventions have tried to rectify […]

July is Park and Recreation Month

This year, it’s all about highlighting the fun, games and exciting offerings! From providing special events to exciting sports and everything in between. Parks offer a wide variety of programs that are not only fun but also bring the community together. Parks and Recreation Facilities directly contribute to reduced obesity rates, an improved ecosystem, and […]

Get Ready! Find Your Exercise Starting Point

Go For Life asks, “Want to be more physically active? ”  The key to being successful and safe is to build slowly from your current fitness level. Here’s how to find your fitness starting point. STEP 1: Answer the following questions: How much time do you spend sitting? How much time and how often are you active? When […]

Shingles of the Eye Cases Are on the Rise

Christina Ianzito, shared in the AARP Bulletin that the side effects of the shingles virus can range from extremely unpleasant to nightmarish, especially when the virus affects the eye. Unfortunately, shingles of the eye is rising dramatically, according to researchers at the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center who found that the incidence has tripled since […]

Stay Safe When Exercising in Hot Weather

Many people enjoy outdoor activities—walking, gardening, playing tennis. As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to play it safe when playing outside. Too much heat can be risky for older adults and people with health problems. Being hot for too long can cause hyperthermia—a heat-related illness that includes heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Go4Life has safety tips if you […]

Can stress cause cancer?

Edward-Elmhurst’ Healthy Driven blog shared that most of us go through some sort of short-term stress at one point in our lives. Acute or short-term stress generally subsides as soon as the event passes. During this type of stress, our body reacts with a fight-or-flight/response and releases endorphins designed to help us flee or take action. Sometimes, […]