Thanks for participating in

Healthy Lombard’s Flat Apple Fitness 2022 Activity!

Because of Covid-19, winners will be receiving their prizes by Snail Mail.

Prizes will be sent out by mid-September.

Below is a last name alphabetical list of the winners. 

To confirm that we have the correct mailing address, the winners will be contacted by a separate, individualized email.

If the winner does not confirm notification by August 29, 2022, a new winning ticket will be selected by the Healthy Lombard Board President.

The 2022 Winners are:


Pavani A.                                                                     Kindle Fire


Riya A.                                                                         Rack Room $100 Certificate


Tristan F.                                                                     $50 Target Gift Card


Sydney F.                                                                     I FLY Certificate


Kelsey F.                                                                      $50 Target Gift Card


Hannah G.                                                                   Picaboo Photo & Target $50 Gift Card


Emma G.                                                                     Picaboo o Photo & Target  $50 Gift Card


Neil J.                                                                          Target  $75 Gift Card


Viyaan J.                                                                     Bike


James K.                                                                    $50 Target Gift Card  & Golf at LPD


Anthony K.                                                                $50 Target Gift Card Golf at LPD


Alana M.                                                                 Art Craft Certificate & A Let’s Roam Certificate


Kelsey  R.                                                                   $25 Target Gift Card


Natalie R.                                                                  $25 Target Gift Card


Hannah R.                                                                 $25 Target Gift Card


Brooke S.                                                                    Picaboo Photo & Target  $50 Gift Card               


Calvin S.                                                                      $50 Target Gift Card


Luna Ivy V.                                                                  $25 Target Gift Card


Ravyn V.                                                                      Picaboo Photo & Target  $25 Gift Card


Scarlett V.                                                                    Picaboo Photo & Target  $25 Gift Card