Welcome To Flat Apple Fitness 2022

What Is Flat Apple Fitness?

With our mission in mind, Healthy Lombard developed the Flat Apple Fitness Program to motivate kids to stay active and positive during the summer months outside of school.

The program allows participants to earn tickets for eligibility to win a variety of prizes at the end of the summer.

Prize winners are typically contacted in September. (BTW, the program is called “Flat Apple” because that is what our logo looks like!)


Flat Apple Fitness 2022 begins June 19 and ends July 31, 2022.

Tracker sheets should be emailed to [email protected] or snail-mailed to Sunset Knoll Recreation Center at 820 S. Finley Road in Lombard (Attention: Flat Apple 2022), Joe McCann). 



Flat Apple logo 2021What’s New?

This year, we will be continuing “Mindfulness Mondays” to promote Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). In addition to earning tickets for healthy selfies and healthy videos. We will also feature “Wellness Wednesdays” to encourage physical activity and “Foodie Fridays” to promote healthy eating and cooking! All three components will be highlighted in a weekly newsletter.


To register your child, please visit www.healthylombard.com and select  Flat Apple 2022 under the Quick Clicks Column on the right-hand side of the page. This link will take you to the registration site. There is no fee to register for Flat Apple.  Children must be registered by an adult to participate in the program.

How To Earn Tickets:

Flat Apple provides various opportunities to earn “tickets” throughout the duration of the program. At the end of the program, raffle prizes will be drawn using these tickets. There are several ways to earn tickets:

  1. Registered participants can log their physical, SEL, and foodie activities on their Activity Tracker Sheet.  A copy of the activity tracker can be found at the end of this note. Additional copies can be downloaded from our Main Web Page under Quick Clicks.Every 300 minutes of physical activity counts for one raffle ticket.  Participants log as many hours as they wish, but please note the max number of tickets earned for completing the activity tracker is ten (3,000 minutes).
  2. Registered participants may earn tickets by posting a “Healthy Selfie” on THEIR Facebook including the hashtag #HealthySelfie.  Or email it to [email protected]. Participants may earn a total of 10 tickets by submitting “Healthy Selfies.”
  3. Registered participants can make a Healthy Video and send it to [email protected].  After review, the videos will be posted on our YouTube Channel.  Each video accepted counts for 3 tickets.
  4. Registered participants can try a suggested Foodie Friday food or recipe and write the name of what they ate or made on their Tracker Sheet each week to earn 2 tickets. They can also submit a recipe to [email protected] to earn 2 tickets.


Each week, the parents of registered participants will receive a short newsletter from Healthy Lombard.

In it, you will find some healthy hints, the Foodie Friday recipe, and links to the BINGO sheet and extra tracker sheets.  Sometimes, it may even include one of the Healthy Selfies submitted by a registered participant.

How and Where To Submit Tracker Sheets:

Tracker sheets should be returned to Sunset Knoll Recreation Center at 820 S. Finley Road in Lombard (Attention: Flat Apple 2022, Joe McCann).  Sheets are DUE BY AUGUST 7.

The Fine Print:

The participant (preschool (age 4) – high school (age 16)) MUST BE registered by a parent or guardian to win.

Individuals participate in activities at their own risk.

Students may participate in more than 1 activity per day but cannot repeat an activity (i.e. a student could do 1 selfie photo, 1 video, and 1 site activity each day but cannot do 2 or more of the same type of activity each day.)

Registering grants permission for a photo of participation (not name) to be posted on the Healthy Lombard Internet sites.

*Participation ticket drawing will be held at the September Healthy Lombard Partner Board Meeting.

Winners will be notified by email or phone, and their FIRST names will be posted on the Flat Apple 2022 Page of the Healthy Lombard website.

If the ticket belongs to a child that is not registered, he/she cannot win and the prize will go to a child that is registered.

Depending on COVID Restrictions, Winners and their families will either be invited to a prize reception in late September or have their prizes mailed to them.

Questions?   Email them to [email protected].