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Vitamin D for Depression

College of DuPage Nursing Student  Kristin Reutter wrote for Healthy Lombard that Dr. Mark Loafman of Family and Community Medicine at Cook County Health says limited sunlight can be damaging to the body and that Sunlight is known to elevate our mood, improve sleep, strengthen our immune system and promote bone growth. Some people buy […]

Cities are Addressing Inequality in Parks Access

Changing America reported that residents with lower incomes are less likely to find green space nearby in their neighborhoods in several major U.S. metro areas. But American cities have started addressing long-standing disparities in access to parks and green space, new research finds. A report from the City Parks Alliance showcases cities that are leading the […]

What is yoga?

College of DuPage Nursing Student Brooke Valtman wrote for Healthy Lombard that Yoga is a total body work out that can be as intense or as laid back and you choose. It allows you to gain strength, flexibility and mind-body awareness. Yoga targets just about every core muscle and it helps build strength in your arms […]

Marijuana use in Pregnant Women Determined to be cause for Developmental Delays

College of DuPage Nursing Student  Maria Villagomez wrote for Healthy Lombard that recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois and researchers in the Midwest have warned expectant mothers to refrain from marijuana use after observing infants exposed to marijuana are at a greater risk for social and emotional issues. Researchers at the University of Iowa, […]

The Effect of Exercise on a Child’s Mind 

College of DuPage Nursing Student Emily Green wrote for Healthy Lombard that it is not entirely surprising that it can be difficult to motivate children to get enough exercise. In an age of video games and technology in the hands of almost everyone, it seems as if the amount of kids getting out and being […]

Marijuana and the Teenage Brain

College of DuPage Nursing Student Katie Chami shared with Healthy Lombard that studies have shown that the use of marijuana is associated with reduced cognitive function in teens.  One study found that teens who regularly use marijuana lose an average of 5.8 IQ points by the time they reach adulthood.1   A recent study found that […]

How Increasing Endorphins in the Body Can Lead to a Happier Lifestyle

College of DuPage Nursing Student Anthony Wenzel wrote for Healthy Lombard that within the human body, there are substances secreted with the sole purpose of helping the individual cope with pain and stress. These substances are known as endorphins, or otherwise known as “the feel-good” chemicals. Endorphins work similarly to the class of drugs known […]

Acupuncturist Incorporates Nature as Part of Treatment for Patients

Overall health and wellbeing encompass much more than just physical health. Licensed Acupuncturist and Healthy Lombard Board Member, Jenn McGrath, thoroughly understands how physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are all connected and practices a holistic approach when treating her patients at the Points to Wellness in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. To describe how emotional and physical […]