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Take a Hike! for your health

Join us this fall for the Healthy Driven Take a Hike! Challenge. For eight weeks, from Sept. 1 to Oct. 27, rediscover the healthy benefits of being active and spending time outdoors. It’s a great opportunity for all ages — from kids to seniors — to exercise in the fresh air and learn cool stuff about […]

What Do I Need to Tell the Doctor?

The CDC shared that talking about your health means sharing information about how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. Knowing how to describe your symptoms and bring up other concerns will help you become a partner in your health care. Use these worksheets to organize your questions and information when talking with your doctor. Share any […]


Chef Lynn Dugan shared that it’s possible that many of us are trying to return to healthier eating habits in the post-pandemic transition. We may desire weight loss or just a return to a better balance in the foods we consume. Of course, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health. We are all unique […]

Is Your Flat Apple Fitness 2021 Activity TrackerUp To Date?

Just a reminder … Tracker sheets should be returned to Sunset Knoll Recreation Center at 820 S. Finley Road in Lombard (Attention: Flat Apple 2021, Joe McCann).  Sheets are DUE BY AUGUST 7.  If you need another Tracker Sheet, Click Here. There were a variety of opportunities to earn “tickets” throughout the duration of the […]


Joanna Cohen, MD, an attending in the emergency department (ED) at Children’s National,  whose primary research interest includes bedside ultrasonography in the ED wrote for the Rise and Shine Blog that during the summer months, temperatures rise, and it can be more difficult to stay cool. Children and babies are more sensitive to heat, so […]

Helping young children and parents transition back to school

Transitioning back to early childhood programs or school— or starting them for the first time—can create extra challenges during a pandemic. Learn what parents and teachers can do to help children make a successful transition to in-person learning and care. Reopening means many new starts Many early care and education programs stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic […]