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Staying Sober in a Pandemic

College of DuPage Nursing Student Ruthanna Miller wrote for Healthy Lombard that it was midway through the second week of lockdown in DuPage County, Illinois when 28-year-old Lizzie took her recycling bin to the curb for the first time that month. She was startled by the weight of it and amused by the ding-ding-ding of […]

Family planning trends related to Covid-19

The Future of Families in America The number of families in America has been on the decline for 20 years. In the last decade alone, the number of households where parents live with children under the age of 18 has declined by more than three million (though you wouldn’t know it from the strength of […]

Organic Foods

NutritionFacrs.org  asks, “Are organic foods healthier and safer?” You may be surprised to learn that a review of hundreds of studies found that organic foods don’t seem to have significantly more vitamins and minerals. They do, however, appear to have more nontraditional nutrients, like polyphenol antioxidants, perhaps because conventionally grown plants given high-dose synthetic nitrogen fertilizers may […]

How Can Martial Arts Help with Childhood Obesity, Mental Health, and Habits?

Robert from wayofmartialarts.com shared with Healthy Lombard that millions of things make martial arts an excellent option for everybody to start practicing regardless of age, gender, or physical condition. They will boost your strength, stamina, flexibility, confidence, and mental toughness while reducing stress levels. Apart from all those general benefits, there are also more specific […]

Remote Learning During Covid-19 Is Causing Children to Gain Weight, Doctors Warn

Kate King in the WSJ reported that pediatricians are warning that the coronavirus pandemic’s protracted disruption of in-person schooling, sports, and other activities is leading to weight gain that could have long-lasting impacts on children’s health. Students are snacking more and exercising less, and nutritionists and doctors who study obesity worry the pandemic is putting […]

10 Ways to Help Kids Develop Healthy Habits

Raising a kid can feel overwhelming for new parents — it’s a lot to handle! Beyond guaranteeing your child is safe, you’ll find yourself as worried about whether you’re not teaching your children bad lessons, whether that be lessons that go over poorly or actions that impact them negatively. The best way to raise your […]