Causes And Remedies Of Plantar Fasciitis

Aj from, a blog and review site, covering health and footwear, put together a pretty detailed guide on plantar fasciitis, which includes causes and remedies, exercises, and symptoms.  The introduction to the guide shares that Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem that’s estimated to affect about two million people every year, from runners to non-athletes. It can be caused by many things, from your foot’s anatomy to sudden trauma, or even your footwear. Recovery can be slow but is usually achieved at home without medical procedures.

If you’ve experienced the blinding pain of plantar fasciitis in your heel, you’ll know it’s no joke. It usually attacks you like a knife when you take your first steps out of bed in the morning. If it gets bad, you’ll be in pain all day.

Want to know how best to avoid and treat it? Check out the causes and remedies of plantar fasciitis in this article.

Also, check out our article on the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. And also our other activity-based shoe recommendations if you suffer from plantar fasciitis

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common heel injury in the connective tissue of the foot. This tissue, called fascia, runs from your heels to your toes. When it’s inflamed, it causes a stabbing pain in the heel and, sometimes, the entire foot. If it gets bad, it can be impossible for you to walk even a few steps.

Plantar fasciitis is often chronic, coming from degeneration of tissue rather than an inflammation. It’s a common condition that affects both sedentary and athletic people, with young male athletes being a particularly prominent group. However, overweight women from 40 to 60 are the most affected.

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Gym not open? Work out in your backyard!

Happy children playing with bubbles outdoor, selective focus - kids in motionEdward-Elmhurst Health advised in its Healthy Driven Blog that you should not let your gym’s closure put an end to your workout routine.

A good workout can boost your mood, improve your health, and bolster your immune system.

And while you might be used to the weight machines and cardio equipment at your local gym, you don’t need all the equipment to get your heart pumping and build muscle.

“You can use anything that’s around the house,” says A.J. Malzone, a NASM certified personal trainer at Edward Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center.

An empty milk jug, water bottle or other plastic container filled with water or rocks can make a good replacement for weights. And with warmer weather here, at last, you can head outdoors to run, walk or bike to get a cardio workout — and some vitamin D — in the sun.

“It’s a very good stress reliever, and this can be a very stressful time,” Malzone says, noting that things like job loss or illness can add to people’s stress level during the state’s shutdown. “It’s good to get your mind off what’s going on and focus on yourself and let that stress leave your body.”

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The Importance of Stretching

Female and male runner stretching in natureJonathan Colon from Skatesphere shared with Healthy Lombard that not only can stretching improve flexibility, and can improve posture and much more.   His article goes over why stretching is so important and how to get the most out of stretching.  Following are links in his post abouT:

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15 Apps to Keep You Healthy While Sheltering in Place

Staff Writer Danika Miller is a copywriter at (Internet Service Providers) and has been writing about the internet and home services for several years.  She recently shared one of her posts with Healthy Lombard that highlights Apps to keep a person healthy while we are all sheltering in place.

The global coronavirus pandemic is keeping many people indoors. Gyms and schools are closed, people are working from home, and many of us have some extra free time. Paired with the general stress and anxiety from this crisis, being stuck at home means it’s easy to neglect your health. For the same reasons, prioritizing your health and mental wellbeing are more important than ever.

Today’s technology has created a myriad of digital tools to help us stay healthy. We rounded up some of the most popular and unique apps for maintaining your health and wellbeing while quarantined.

Headspace. An app focused on mindfulness and meditation. It’s similar to Calm, but Headspace has more specific and detailed guides for being mindful during everyday life. There are sleeping and waking practices, meditation for stress, exercise meditations, and mindful cooking guides. It’s all about directing you to be super present, aware, and peaceful during every action of your day. There are a free 10-part basic course and a two-week trial of the premium features. Then it’ll cost $13 per month.

Portal. An immersive relaxation app that transports you around the world. The app displays 3D soundscapes and atmospheres. You can swipe through different places and experience the sounds and visuals — an Amazon thunderstorm, a barley field in the English countryside, or a sunny day in the Redwood National Park. You can layer the scene with other audio (like music or an audiobook), set timers, and sync it with Philips Hue lights. To unlock 14 portals, and some of its features, the app requires a one-time purchase of $4.

Unplug. A product of the actual Unplug meditation studio based in Los Angeles. The app has a wide variety of meditation sessions for different goals and lengths of time. Categories include: deep relaxation, healthy eating, thrive at work, kids & teens, travel, hypnosis, 30-day challenge, and more. You can track your progress and journal in the app. It costs $8 per month after a 7-day free trial. Read more

How to Choose a Martial Art Based on Body Type

EUGENE HARDY is a professional Muay Thai fighter, with several years of experience and also a black belt holder. He actively participates in tournaments and provides training to his students.  Eugene asks in an article he shared with Healthy Lombard if you ever been to a gym?

If yes, try remembering your first day at a gym. You enter the gym and you feel the excitement rushing in your blood seeing people training. Apart from all the excitement, do you remember the suggestions the gym trainer gave you?

The trainer scans your body and, as per your body type, he/she suggests what to eat and the exercises you should do. Martial art is like working out at the gym.

Yes, choosing a specific martial art as per your body type speeds up the learning process. But there is no rule that a specific body is only eligible for specific martial arts. You can always train and prepare for any martial arts.

The first thing to do while choosing a martial art based on body type is to understand your body type. There are 3 types of body and each body type has its own characteristics. Figure out your body type. Read more

19 Nutrition Statistics & Facts for Balancing out Lockdown Weight

Pretty young woman’s feet with blue toenails stepping on an old fashioned black an white scale with round dial isolated on white

Karthik Reddy shared with Healthy Lombard that for a long time, the developed world has been fighting a pandemic different from the coronavirus – the pandemic of obesity. Nutrition statistics show that calorically rich food sources that are poor in nutritive elements are all around us, and the motivation behind consuming them can be rooted in our lifestyle, economic situation, culture, and, ultimately, life philosophy.

How much do we lose both individually and as a nation due to obesity, and how many of us are succeeding in balancing our weight? What are we supposed to look out for when aiming for the perfect balance? These facts and figures tackle these questions, so if you are curious to find the answers, read on.

Top 10 Key Nutrition Statistics & Facts

  • 42.4% of the US population is overweight.
  • One-third of the American population is on a special nutrition program.
  • The intermittent fasting diet is the most popular regiment in the US.
  • Americans are the world’s champions in sugar intake.
  • The average American consumes at least 1.5 times more than the recommended daily amount of calories.
  • 90% of Americans exceed the recommended daily dose of sodium.
  • 46% of college students can’t afford a healthy meal.
  • Vitamin B6 deficiency is the most common nutritive shortage among the US population.
  • Americans have become less interested in reading the nutrition info panel.
  • $1.72 trillion were lost on costs related to obesity in the US, in 2016.

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Foods that Help Promote Productivity

With most people working from home and having to deal with many more distractions, it’s often hard to stay productive throughout the day. Whether you’re having to take care of your kids, deal with roommates, or simply avoid being tempted to turn on your favorite show, staying focused on the task at hand can be challenging. It’s also important to note that managing work and personal projects while dealing with the mental and physical drain the current crisis can cause, makes taking care of our health even more imperative than ever before. 

To help, we thought we’d share this guide on some healthy snacks that promote productivity. In the visual, you’ll find simple energy-boosting foods that we typically have in our kitchens or are easy to obtain during your next visit to your local grocery store. Since getting a good night’s sleep also helps us stay focused, the guide includes nutritious snacks that promote sleep as well as a few expert tips on how you can help your body stay healthy through the foods we eat.  Read more

Best Online Personal Training Based on In-Depth Reviews

Since the world is almost-entirely under shutdown, the folks at thought our readers would appreciate their guide in which they discuss the growth of health apps in the United States, the benefits of online personal trainers, and other online options.

This is how they analyze the information.

WORKOUT PROGRAM – They ranked programs that offered a larger number of exercise routines higher. This included those that offer individual or joint supplementary diet plans.

PRICING  – Pricing is usually based on a monthly or annual subscription model or on a set number of sessions you can do in a certain time span. Some – charge for individual workouts or provide free subscription.
REPUTATION – They assessed customer feedback, testimonials, and each company’s general reputation among clients and fitness experts to view if their services were credible and of good quality.
ENGAGEMENT – Engagement with a personal trainer is vital to making a workout or nutritional program work. That’s why they consulted consumer feedback to assess how well consumers were able to communicate with their trainers when using these programs.

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HKRS Goes Virtual This Spring

It is springtime and that means Healthy Kids Running Series Virtual!  Even in these unique times and more than ever we need to encourage kids to stay active. I miss the smiles and high fives but Healthy Kids Running Series has been hard at work so we can still deliver our mission of inspiring kids to be active!

So, what does HKRS Virtual mean?  Each participant will still get to race their age-appropriate distance, upload their time, receive the new T-Shirt and earn their new spring-only medal.  The only difference is your child(ren) can race from wherever you choose (safe place, please) and do it with your family.

Our registered families are excited and teachers are now using Healthy Kids as their virtual recess!  As more of our world is forced to go virtual, Healthy Kids’ decision to go virtual keeps kids moving and allows us to continue to serve our communities in the future.  HKRS, like other non-profits, relies on community support.  I am asking you to join me in keeping our Vision, Mission & Values alive. Read more

Walking For Fitness & Better Health – A Complete Guide

Jenny. who has a passion for trying to get people more fit from home has created a blog called,

She shared the following guide from it about walking with Healthy Lombard.  This guide looks at all aspects of walking for fitness covering some unusual and entertaining areas of walking. We demonstrate the benefits of walking and what you need to know to get the best out of walking as an exercise. She hopes you’ll be encouraged to explore the wonderful and healthy world of walking.

What Are The Benefits Of Walking?

How smart was the classical Greek physician Hippocrates when he said 2500 years ago “Walking is man’s best medicine”.

Walking is the easiest form of exercise to maintain fitness and yet it is often maligned. Because it is uncomplicated and accessible, the benefits of walking are not always appreciated. It is runnings’ dimmer cousin and yet walking shines when providing health benefits.

According to the Office of the Surgeon General two-thirds of American adults and a 3rd of children are overweight or obese. “The sobering impact of these numbers is reflected in the nation’s concurrent epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

The latest research-based evidence by The Office of Disease Prevention and Heal Promotion via the 2nd edition of The Physical Activity Guidelines For Americans says that walking regularly at a brisk pace 5 days a week for just 30 minutes can have immediate as well as long term health benefits. Read more