How Can I Tell if I’m Getting More Fit?

GO FOR LIFE from the National Institute on Aging at NIH shared that if you’ve been exercising regularly, you’ll soon be able to tell when it’s time to move ahead in your activities. Signs that you’re making fitness progress are:

  • You have more energy.
  • Your overall mood and outlook on life have improved.
  • It’s easier to do your usual daily activities.
  • Climbing a couple of flights of stairs or lifting the same amount of weight is getting easier.
  • It’s easier to get in and out of your car.
  • You can get down on the floor and play a game with your grandchildren, and get back up again more easily when the game is over.
  • You’re sleeping better at night.
  • You have less pain when you move around.
  • You notice an improvement in the symptoms of an ongoing health condition.

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Yoga Sayings That Will Inspire, Transform And Enhance Your Life

John from Relax Like A Boss, a site that helps people to deal with stress. shared with Healthy Lombard that there really are some beautiful, inspiring yoga sayings out there.

Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to relieve stress through physical exercise.

And it’s just as positive for your mind as your body.

So in this post, we’ll run through 15 of his favorite yoga sayings.

John’s feels that they will not only enhance your yoga practice – but also inspire, transform and improve your life too.

1. “Inhale the future. Exhale the past.”
– Eckhart Tolle

An important part of yoga is your breath.

When we perform a new stretch or try to hold our balance, it’s our breathe that we rely on.

It’s no wonder really – this is what brings us to the present.

And when we’re too busy feeling bad about the past or worrying about the future, our breath is always there to guide us through it.

So what I love about this quote is that it’s expressing that beautiful moment when you’re truly focused on your breathe.

…It’s that point when your thoughts and your mind become silenced and calm, and you’re totally absorbed by the moment.

These moments during can be rare – but they’re also totally inspiring!

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Nature RX: The Best Medicine

John LaPuma M.D., board-certified in internal medicine, shared in the Children and Nature Network Bulletin that the late neurologist and author, Dr. Oliver Sacks, was a true believer in the power of nature to heal. Sacks, who would take his patients to gardens whenever possible, described two patients for whom nature was literally the best medicine.

One patient, a friend of Sacks’, had moderately severe Tourette’s syndrome. The condition forced hundreds of grunts and tics daily. But one day when the two men were hiking in a desert, his friend’s tics had completely disappeared. Sacks wrote that “the remoteness and uncrowdedness of the scene, combined with some ineffable calming effect of nature, served to defuse his ticcing, to “normalize” his neurological state, at least for a time.”

Another patient, a woman with moderately severe Parkinson’s disease, was frozen and immobile when indoors. But outside, she was mobile and agile on terrain, and in a rocky garden.

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99 Amazing Pre-Workout Snacks to Crush Your Next Workout

Jake from – a health blog that focuses on optimizing athlete nutrition and performance shared with Healthy Lombard that as a fitness enthusiast—or bonafide gym rat—your main goal is to get your body in the absolute best shape possible.

While hitting the gym and going for a run will obviously test your body’s strength and fitness level, the type of food that you eat is equally important to the entire process.

In fact, we argue that it’s the most important.

While there are tons of benefits to fasted workouts, eating a healthy, well-balanced snack or meal before you start getting sweaty is one of the best ways to prep yourself for an intense workout.

This guide, we’ll show you 99 different recipes for pre-workout snacks that you can easily make no matter your skills in the kitchen. Read more

Jump into June

Action for Healthy Kids’ Game On shared that the days are longer, the temperatures are rising and the fruits and veggies are (hopefully!) more local during the summer growing season. Take advantage of any summer wellness programs offered through your local community, city or parks department.

Need other ideas? Jump into June with these fun and summer-perfect activities that will surely keep everyone safe, active and healthy.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get the whole family and community physically active. Create a list of commonly found nature items in your backyard or community park, and consider incorporating simple, experiential activities (such as skipping a rock or spotting a wild animal). Individuals or teams then scramble to collect the items or perform the activities within a given time limit. Provide healthy snacks, and create a friendly competition by handing out prizes for the person or group that completes the hunt first. Read more

Physical Activity for People with Disabilities

The Center for Disease Control shared that everybody needs physical activity for good health. Most adults with disabilities are able to participate in physical activity, yet nearly half of them do not get any aerobic physical activity.1 Learn how people with disabilities can find their own path to physical activity.

Physical activity plays an important role in maintaining health, well-being, and quality of life. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition pdf icon[1.9 MB]external icon, physical activity can help control weight, improve mental health, and lower the risk for early death, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. For people with disabilities, physical activity also can help support daily living activities and independence. All adults, with and without disabilities, need at least 2.5 hours per week of aerobic physical activity, at a moderate-intensity level, to gain many of these benefits. Read more

How to Choose Exercise Equipment, According to Science

Jen Miller, from Jen’s Reviews whose expert team includes former Olympians, doctors, registered nurses, executive chefs, mountain guides, yoga instructors, certified dog trainers and more, asks, “Ever walked into a gym and felt overwhelmed by the rows of different exercise equipment to choose from?”

Or maybe you want to set up your own home gym, but there are so much hype and false claims being made about each piece of equipment that you’re not sure what to believe.

Well, what you don’t want to do is waste your time or your money.

So  Jen is providing a guide on how to choose the best exercise equipment for fun, effective workouts you can actually enjoy.

To start, knowing how to pick the right exercise equipment will not only save you time, money and, energy, it will also ensure you get the best possible results from your workout.

So what do you need to look out for when selecting which exercise equipment to use?

Well deciding which exercise equipment to use depends on a variety of factors. Such as, your personal fitness goals, your current level of fitness, how much time you can dedicate to working out, and whether or not you have any existing injuries you wish to avoid aggravating. Read more

What is your heart age?

Ann Davis, M.D.Specialty: Cardiology shared in the Edwards Elmhurst Healthy Driven Blog that you may feel young at heart, but is your heart actually older than you?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 3 out of 4 adults have a predicted heart age that is older than their actual age.

Risk factors that can increase your heart age include:

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity (using body mass index, BMI, as an indicator)
  • Diabetes

Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can also take a toll on your heart.

The CDC created a heart age calculator that uses these risk factors to calculate your heart age. The calculator determines your heart age based on your BMI. Read more

1Climb, adidas Build Walls for Boys & Girls Clubs

Nate Mitka shared with Children and Nature network that with his ascent of the Dawn Wall in 2015, Kevin Jorgeson made climbing history. And it seems the Californian climber continues to push the climbing envelope beyond Yosemite Valley.  1Climb, a nonprofit Jorgeson co-founded to introduce kids to climbing, recently announced an initiative to build 10 climbing walls in Boys & Girls Clubs across the U.S.

The partnership hopes to introduce 100,000 kids in urban areas to their first climb. According to the plan, 1Climb intends to build climbing walls in L.A., Chicago, and New York City to help thousands of urban youths access climbing by the end of 2019. And, it intends to open the six more in 2020.

“Our belief is that through sport, we have the power to change lives and this partnership is a perfect example that brings those words to life,” said Stephen Dowling, VP of marketing at Adidas Outdoor. “We are incredibly excited to partner with 1Climb in order to bring the benefits of the outdoors to the city, building climbing walls to break down social barriers, and create an equal starting line for tens and thousands of girls and boys across America.” Read more

Be Safe When Exercising Outdoors

Go For Life shared that if you’ve made a plan to be more active, and you’re ready to go outside and get started, make sure that you can exercise safely in your neighborhood. Here are a few tips that can help you stay safe as you get moving.

Think ahead about safety.

  • Carry your ID with emergency contact information, and bring a small amount of cash and a cell phone with you, especially if walking alone. Stay alert by not talking on the phone as you walk.
  • Let others know where you’re going and when you plan to be back.
  • Stick to well-lit places with other people around.
  • Be seen to be safe. Wear light or brightly colored clothing during the day, and wear reflective material on your clothing and carry a flashlight at night. Put lights on the front and back of your bike.
  • Wear sturdy, appropriate shoes for your activity that give you proper footing.

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