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Vision Health for Millennials

The CDC shared that although eye problems can feel like a long way off, take simple steps today to protect your vision for the future. Vision problems develop most often in older people, so if you’re a millennial-aged 25 to 35, eye trouble can seem like a long way off. But it may be closer […]

80 Eye-Opening Stats & Facts About Sleep

Besides doing thorough research into the factors that affect our sleep, Mira Rakicevicworks closely with other sleep experts and doctors to provide valuable information and helpful advice.  Most recently she shared that along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, sleep plays a major role in our health. With this in mind, we shouldn’t neglect this […]

Making good choices in the protein bar and shake aisle

Toni Havala MS, RD a registered dietitian at Endeavor Health® Weight Management in Naperville shared in Edwards-Elmhurst Health’s Healthy Driven Blog that protein shakes and bars are growing in popularity as Americans try to squeeze healthy eating into their busy lives. All dietitians would agree that whole, real foods are always the best choice. But on occasion, protein bars […]

Building Financial Health at a Young Age

Inland Bank has a new program to help kids learn the benefits of making goals and learning how to save to achieve them. The program, called Indy Junior Savers program, teaches children the importance of building their savings by enrolling them in our Indy Junior Savers Program. It’s a fun and exciting way for them to […]

6 Simple Ways Your Family Can Protect Honey Bees

The Whole Kids Foundation shared that honey bees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the U.S., help maintain the diversity of plant life and ultimately, play a crucial role in our ecosystem — yet their population is dwindling. Because the future of food depends on healthy pollinators, it’s time for everyone — even […]

Nature RX: The Best Medicine

John LaPuma M.D., board-certified in internal medicine, shared in the Children and Nature Network Bulletin that the late neurologist and author, Dr. Oliver Sacks, was a true believer in the power of nature to heal. Sacks, who would take his patients to gardens whenever possible, described two patients for whom nature was literally the best medicine. […]

Skin Cancer Awareness

The Center for Disease Control shared that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays causes most cases of melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer. To lower your skin cancer risk, protect your skin from the sun and avoid indoor tanning. Summer is full of outdoor activities. You probably put sunscreen on yourself and your kids when […]

Cyberbullying – A Widespread Problem

Broadbandsearch.net has recently published a post on cyberbullying statistics that has been updated with all the latest info and data for 2019.  This is useful since widespread internet access is an exceptionally positive development for education and access to information, but it can also open the door for a lot of negative and otherwise unsavory […]

Have You Registered for Flat Apple ?

The mission of the Healthy Lombard Foundation is to address the epidemic of childhood obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle for all community members through the “Triple A Approach” of awareness, activities, and achievement. With that mission in mind, Healthy Lombard developed the Flat Apple program to incentivize kids to stay active during the summer […]