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Of Course Happy Is Healthy: What You should Know about Mood and Health

Angela Metcalf, College of DuPage Nursing Student, shares that we have known for some time that dark moods like depression and anxiety may contribute to conditions like heart disease or cancer. However, research has recently identified a connection between a positive mood and wellness and this information was published in the January edition of the […]

Aspirin: An Old Drug with a New Indication

Elizabeth Moxley an Adjunct Faculty Member at the College of DuPage and an Assistant Professor at DePaul University shared that aspirin (ASA) is a widely used drug and popular in the news lately. A recent study published in JACC (J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015 Jan 20;65(2):111-21) reports that more than 11% of individuals who take […]

5 Ways to Burn More Calories on a Walk

Hello Healthy asks, “Is your daily walking workout challenging you?” It should be! In order to improve your fitness level and continue getting results, you have to keep changing up your routine to make your body work in new ways. And yes, you can do all of that while sticking to walking as your preferred […]

Easy Christmas Morning Pancakes and more!

Do holiday diet damage control with this outrageously simple (and seriously tasty) banana-based recipes SELF (http://www.self.com/)  hopes that things are about to get a little bananas. While the jury is out regarding the average number of pounds one gains durning the holiday season (The New England Journal of Medicine clocks in between 1-2), it’s a […]