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This fall, we invite you to join the Healthy Driven Take a Hike! Challenge. For eight weeks, from Sept. 1 to Oct. 27, rediscover the healthy benefits of being active and spending time outdoors. It’s a great opportunity for all ages — from kids to seniors — to exercise in the fresh air and learn cool stuff about nature while bonding with family and friends.

This year’s Challenge has a new twist!

We are partnering with local community sponsors to bring you hiking insights and expertise, special programming and ideas to Elevate Your Hike each week!

When you complete and track 6 hikes during the 8-week Challenge period, you’ll earn the Take a Hike! Trail Blaze Award.

What Is A Take a Hike! Trail Blaze Award?

When you complete and track 6 hikes during the 8-week Challenge period, you’ll earn the Take a Hike! Trail Blaze Award* (includes either a commemorative pin or a walking stick with a commemorative medallion – pictured right).

Complete the Take a Hike! Tracker and bring it to one of the below locations between Oct. 28 – Nov. 30 to pick up your award:


The Take a Hike! Tracker can be printed or picked up at one of our sponsor locations listed above.

*Supplies are limited. The offer is valid while supplies last. Complete one Take a Hike! Tracker per person.

What are the health benefits of hiking?

Time in nature has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety, which is essential as we deal with the challenges of the pandemic. You will reap the health rewards of movement — including being stronger and happier, and reducing your risk of illness. Hiking is also relationship-building, as families can enjoy spending time together while getting healthier.

Note: Please consult with your doctor before beginning this challenge or any new exercise program

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