11 Unique Family Activities to Help You Connect With Loved Ones

All Things For Kids shared that spending time together as a family is important, and the activities that you do together can help strengthen your family’s bond.

Life can get busy, and it’s easy to forget to spend quality time together. But taking time out of your busy schedule and making family outings and activities a priority actually has loads of benefits.

Spending time together: 

  • Can strengthen the emotional bond between parents and children
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce behavioral problems
  • Improve kids’ school performance
  • Boost kids’ self-confidence

Of course, it can be hard to come up with an idea that everyone loves, so we put together a list of family activities that are sure to create lasting memories.


Plan a Picnic

A family picnic is a perfect way to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. Start planning your picnic with the menu. 

Get everyone to suggest an item for the picnic. You can even prepare the dishes together for some extra family time. Once you’re done packing your picnic, head to your favorite park. 

Enjoy time with family while getting a dose of vitamin D. If you can’t go far, gather in your backyard or on your porch (or even on your living room floor!)..

Host a Cook-Off

Ready, set, cook! 

If your family loves to cook (or eat), hosting a family cook-off is a perfect way to spend your next family night. 

First, decide what type of cook-off you’re going to have. Is your family up for a secret challenge where the contestants are given surprise ingredients, or are you interested in a themed challenge? You can even have each family member make a dish for dinner as part of the cook-off.

Once you decide on a theme, it’s time to decide on the rules. Consider how much time each person will have and how much importance to place on presentation, appearance, and taste. Remember to establish rules according to your family’s capabilities and age appropriateness. 

Outdoor Movie Night

For your next fun family get-together, consider planning a movie night with a twist!

Instead of just gathering around the TV, plan an outdoor movie night. You can buy a projector or make your own and spend the evening outside. Sit on blankets or fun inflatable pool toys.

Snacks are indubitably one of the most important elements of movie night. Set up a DIY popcorn bar or prepare a movie night snack box with popcorn, different types of chips, pretzels, fruit, and drinks. You can even take your family to the store and have everyone pick out what they want in their snack box.

Not sure what to watch? Have everyone write down their top movie pick on a piece of paper, and then pick the movie from the jar!

  • Museums: If your family thinks museums are boring, think again! There is so much you can do and learn at a museum. Make your trip memorable by creating a scavenger hunt, which will make for a fun family competition while you also learn cool stuff at the museum. 
  • Visit new theme parks: There’s something about being on a rollercoaster together that creates a lasting bond. Head to your local adventure parks or wildlife zoos and enjoy the rides, the animals, and the snacks. If you can, invest in a family pass so you can visit more often!
  • Volunteer: Helping others is a great way to bond as a family. Taking time to volunteer can be a good way to teach your kids the importance of helping others.Whatever you decide to do on your next fun family outing, be safe, make memories, and have a great time. Always check your local and nationwide events for ideas and inspiration for your next family outing.

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