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Milan Krstovic,  Media Relations Associate,, shared that the business of vitamins and supplements is booming. Recent research suggests that most Americans take at least one such product from the more than 90,000 options on the market. But within this massive industry – worth $37 billion by some estimates – consumer enthusiasm is dampened by uncertainty.
In the absence of strict regulation, many manufacturers peddle wares with few real benefits. Worse still, dangerous outcomes are increasingly common. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports a troubling rise in incidents resulting from supplement consumption.
So, which vitamins and supplements are really worth taking, and which might not give you much support as you work toward your fitness goals?

singlecare has put together a great resource that can be found at

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SingleCare asked 1,000 fitness enthusiasts about their real experiences with a range of products. Our findings reveal which products actually produce results for individuals at various fitness levels with different body types.

Some Study Highlights:

  • Pre-workout and whey protein had the highest percentage of people reporting success, with approximately 6 in 10 users findings these supplements very or extremely effective
  • Over 53% of creatine users regard this supplement as very or extremely effective – #2 most important supplement for men
  • Mesomorph body types (muscular and well-built naturally) rank pre-workout, creatine, and BCAAs as their most effective supplements
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