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What Drinking Coffee Actually Does To Your Body

 Amy Marturana shared in SELF that whether you just like the taste of coffee, drink it out of habit, or truly rely on it for energy, it’s no secret the drink has magical powers. But have you ever thought about what it’s actually doing after you gulp down your morning mug? Coffee comes from a bean, so […]

4 Ways to Promote Healthy Living as You Age

Roger Sims from www.locostmedicalsupply.com shared that people are living longer, and the aging process can present some challenges to people who do not nourish and look after themselves well. Aging has been associated with a decline in mental and physical health. This fear comes from losing independence, becoming a burden on family, and needing long-term care. […]

Apple Crunch Day is October 12, 2017!

The Illinois Great Apple Crunch is a daylong celebration of Midwest produce. Schools across the state participate by serving local apples on the lunch tray and crunching into them together as a school.  It is a fun event that lets schools support Illinois farmers and teach their students about healthy, fresh, and local food. Educational […]

7 Foods You Should Always Have in Your Pantry

Christa Sgobba wrote in Silver Sneakers by Tivity Health that maintaining a well-stocked pantry is vital if you want to eat healthy. Think about it: When hunger hits, whatever’s in reach is what goes on your plate. “If you don’t have healthy items on hand, you’re more likely to pick a convenience food, order takeout, […]

Have You Heard of Teal Pumpkin?

Born out of one mom’s desire to help ensure that children with food allergies would not feel left out on Halloween, the Teal Pumpkin Project®, now in its fourth year as a national awareness campaign led by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), has spread far and wide – reaching millions across the U.S. and beyond […]

Does your teen want a tattoo?

Lisa Black wrote for the American Academy of Pediatrics that like them or not, tattoos and piercings have entered the mainstream as a fashion phenomenon. Children can spot them on celebrities, sports heroes, their baby sitters and baristas, so it is no surprise that teenagers might start thinking about making their own personal statement through […]

Do this, not that when exercising

Joshua Steckler, owner of Push Fitness, a personal training studio located in Schaumburg specializing in weight loss, muscle toning, and nutrition shared in the Daily Herlad Newspaper that any exercise is better than no exercise, but if you’re taking the time to work out, make sure you’re choosing exercises that will truly improve your health […]

How to make Halloween fun for kids with sensory issues

Katie Taylor wrote for Autism Home Support Services that most kids love Halloween. Between dressing up, trick-or-treating at houses decorated for fright, and getting endless candy, Halloween ranks up there with birthdays and the winter holidays. It’s different for kids who have autism or other sensory challenges. Many are easily overwhelmed by new sights and […]

Working out at home

Jennifer Dawson, the Content Manager for a small health and wellness site, shared with Healthy Lombard that when you come home after a long day at work, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise when the couch looks so comfy. But there are so many health issues stemming from a sedentary lifestyle, such as […]