proactive-kidsProActive Kids is a health education program offered FREE to children ages 8-14 who are considered obese or overweight and their families.

As a doctor, nurse, dietitian, trainer or other industry professional, you will see many overweight children this summer, and we hope you will remember to tell them about ProActive Kids 8 Week Program. Click here for more information on the complete program.

We are reaching out to you to let you know there is a ProActive Kids program in your community where you can refer your patients or clients.

Please refer patients, students or parents to the ProActive Kids website or give them a flyer and tell them to contact ProActive Kids for more information: or 630-681-1558.

We are also happy to send you a packet of flyers or posters to promote the program at your location – just make the request by responding to this email. Click to download the general flyer and physician referral form and distribute at your organization.

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Water – Some interesting observations

drinking-water-standardsVeggie Girl (follow), A Vegetarian Around The World Nutrition (150)   shared that we often hear about how drinking water is important to our health. Our body needs water to function properly and prevent dehydration.But there are a few tricks to follow when drinking water to get the best from that humble glass of natural drink to stay healthy

1) Drink a warm glass of water first thing in the morning.
Drinking water on an empty stomach is an old Ayurvedic ritual which has been followed by many for years; it helps cleanse your internal body system and get rid of toxins. Many prefer to add lemon and honey to it for extra health benefits.This simple morning ritual has helped me with my constipation and acne which was bothering me for a long time.Others claim that this has helped them with headaches, bodyaches, excess body fat, menstrual disorders etc.The best way to drink it is before brushing your teeth. Drink one or two glasses if possible. Brush your teeth and wait for 45 minutes before eating anything.

2) Do not drink water while eating or directly before or after a meal.
Drinking water before, after or while eating a meal makes us think we are full therefore we do not eat as much as we should. Although some might think this is a good way for weight loss, you are never going to feel satisfied with what your eat and may binge eat later. There is also a theory that water dilutes your digestive juices and inhibits healthy digestion.

If you must drink water while eating, try to only drink warm water or green tea. Cold water or cold drinks can slow down our digestive process and turn the oils in our stomachs into bad fats which can clog our arteries; warm water may help to break the fats and oils.

3) Drink water at room temperature.
Ayurvedic tradition believes water must be consumed at room temperature. Cold water is believed to drench our digestive system and also assit in weight gain.While drinking water do not chug it down your throat in a hurry but sit down and drink it slowly as it helps our body to absorb what we drink. And last but not least, drink as much as you can as sometimes our body confuses hunger with thirst, so drinking a lot of water might help you stay away from those calorie loaded snacks.

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Healthy Lombard included on Impact DuPage Dashboard

The Impact DuPage Dashboard Committee has chosen to include Healthy Lombard on its  website as one of its Community Coalition partners.impact-dupage

The Community members are working together to improve everyone’s well-being, tackling complex issues such as obesity, homelessness, and substance abuse.  To learn more and join in the effort, check out the coalition’s website or reach out to their contact person.

 The Healthy Lombard info can be found under Wellness and Lifestyle header at


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16 Easy Diet Tips That Really Work

Lizzie Fuhr from PopSugar says exercise plays an essential role in any weight-loss journey, but how you fuel your body is just as — if not more — important. If you’re ready to embrace new lifestyle changes and even more ready to stop feeling like food is a constant struggle, here are the straightforward tips we live by that really work.

  1. Lose the mind-set that foods are off-limits: According to trainers Chris and Heidi Powell, “anytime you deprive yourself of food . . . all you want is what you can’t have!” Take your mind-set away from sacrifice, and allow yourself everything in moderation.
  2. Keep it clean: Replace processed foods with clean (whole and natural) items. Not only are natural options more nutritious, you’ll find that their flavors are more satisfying.
  3. Opt for whole grains: Refined and processed carbs weigh you down and muck up your progress. Fiber-rich whole grains keep hunger at bay, support healthy digestion, and are a crucial part of a long-term weight-loss success.
  4. Greek yogurt is your best friend: Instead of sour cream, dollop this protein-rich yogurt on your burrito bowl. Make it into a creamy pasta sauce that satisfies any Italian cravings. Honestly, is there anything this protein-rich dairy option can’tsub for?
  5. Make your snacks smarter: Instead of a snack that includes just one food group, go for two — even three. The winning combination of protein, fiber, and carbs fuels workouts and keep you full.
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Summer Vegetable Kabobs

My recipes shared this great summer treat:


12-inch-long wooden skewers
1/4 cup dry white wine
1/4 cup honey
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoons pepper
1 teaspoon salt
16 cups assorted cut vegetables


1. Soak skewers in water 1 hour.

2. Whisk together wine and next 6 ingredients until well blended; reserve 1/4 cup. Combine remaining white wine mixture and vegetables in a large bowl. Cover and chill at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. Remove vegetables from marinade, discarding marinade.

3. Preheat grill to 350° to 400° (medium-high). Thread vegetables onto skewers, and grill according to directions in “Guidelines and Cook Times for Vegetable Kabobs” below.

4. Transfer skewers to a platter. Remove vegetables from skewers, if desired. Serve with reserved 1/4 cup white wine mixture.

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Research proves having fun = a healthier brain

happy babyCindy Richards, Editor of LifeTimes says …

Go to that party, join some friends for coffee, or call your sister to catch up. It will be good for your brain.

Ongoing research at Rush University in Chicago has shown a strong link between spending time with others and a healthier brain. The research, headed by Robert W. Wilson, senior neuropsychologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, started in the 1990s. Volunteers agree to answer questions about their lifestyle and personality. And they agree to have their brains autopsied when they die.

To date, the researchers have done more than 1,000 brain autopsies. They found that the changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias were common but did not always lead to cognitive impairment or dementia. They also found that lifestyle and personality traits predicted cognitive health even after accounting for the autopsy findings.


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How to Take Charge of Your Medical Records

medical recordsMelinda Beck shared with the Wall Street Journal Newspaper that “It’s your health. So it’s time you took control of all the information about it.”

That’s the message that a growing number of patient advocates are trying to spread to American health-care consumers.

For most people, of course, it’s all too easy to simply leave their health records in the hands of doctors and hospitals. But that’s a big mistake, the advocates argue. First, it gives doctors too much power over information that is vital to patients, and it creates opportunities for errors. Perhaps more important, it keeps patients from using the information themselves for their own benefit.

“For consumers to start requesting and using their health information will be a game-changer for the health-care system,” says Christine Bechtel, a consultant for the National Partnership for Women and Families who spearheads the Get My Health Data campaign to get patients to ask doctors for their records. “Once we unlock the data, there’s an enormous amount we can do with it.”

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6 Healthy Bedtime Rituals That Will Make Tomorrow Awesome

morningLizzie Fuhr for POPSUGAR shared that waking up groggy and unprepared does not make for a happy morning. Incorporate these bedtime rituals into your evening routine, and you’ll immediately reap the positive benefits.

  1. Sip different: While a glass of wine or another boozy nightcap can make for a nice night, it is not supporting your goals for the next day. Stick with these better-for-you before-bed drinks that won’t mess with your energy or sleep.
  2. Snack right: Certain snacking can support a healthy night’s sleep. Opt for something light (around 150 calories) like these calm-inducing snacks.
  3. Pick up, pack up: Spend 10 minutes tidying up your home and packing up your work and gym bags for the following day. This way, you wake up to a clean, Zen space, and you’ll have more time to linger over your coffee and breakfast.
  4. Write it down: Instead of trying to run down a long mental list (and inevitably forget something), write down what you need to do the following day — especially the things you tend to forget. Since I’ve adopted this habit, I’m much calmer in the morning and have not left my apartment without grabbing my lunch first.
  5. Turn it off: Keeping your electronics on all night is affecting your sleep patterns, which can zap your energy the following morning. Say goodbye to Netflix binges in bed, and unwind with a book or magazine instead.
  6. Get to bed: Listen to your body when it’s tired! It’s imperative to make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep every night, so you wake up feeling fabulous and ready to take on whatever tomorrow might bring.
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Announcing the July Flat Apple 2015 Event!


As part of the Healthy Lombard “Flat Apple program, which is designed to keep kids moving throughout the summer months, Healthy Lombard is pleased to announce the Inaugural Tour de Apple.

The Tour de Apple is a fun bicycle ride that covers 3/4 mile per loop. Each participant will ride two (2) laps, with each lap timed.

For each complete lap, a participant will receive an “apple bite”. Participants who post a faster time on their second lap, will receive an additional “apple bite”.

An “apple bite” is a rafflticket that will be included in the Flat Apple program for your chance to win a bike or other great prize.

Click here to download a flyer with the route.

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