How to Increase Mobility After Having a Stroke 

There’s no doubt that a stroke can be quite debilitating. The good thing is you aren’t powerless. You have the power to improve your life. The following are a few tips to help improve mobility after having a stroke.

●    Transportation Arrangements

The first thing to do is to make travel arrangements. Some folks can help you get around, and public transportation services may be of some assistance. This may not be the first thing you think about, but you might not be able to drive like before, yet you still have the same needs. You need food and clothes. Some things can be purchased and delivered but other things can’t, so figure out what options you have.

●    Use the Tools

The next thing you have to do is address your specific impairments. Stroke victims deal with all sorts of impairments, and there are helpful tools. For example, wheelchairs assist folks who can’t walk, while something like an AFO brace can help those that are diagnosed with foot drop. There are a lot of tools available, so be sure that you read reviews so that you get the best tools you can. Don’t forget to choose mobility aids that you can afford. You don’t want to burn through your cash, especially now that you need medical attention.

●    Scheduling Specialists

You’ll need more than mobility tools. Those can help you be more mobile, but you can’t allow your body and brain to get used to them. You want to force your body to regain mobility. This only happens if you work on your mobility by putting pressure on your body. The best way to do this is to work with a mobility expert. Find one that works for you. You need someone who motivates you to do the work. The work is intense, so the person must be able to motivate you.


●    Self-Motivation Tools

Some of the work you’ll do will be with your mobility specialist, but some of the work will be done on your own. Be sure you not only learn the exercises given to you but also find effective ways to motivate yourself. This could be as easy as playing the right music to looking for a video of someone motivating the viewer to complete their workout. You’ll be surprised by how important self-motivation is.

●    Safety Aids

You’re working hard to regain mobility but won’t have it for some time; that’s just something you have to accept. This means you’re going to be at a high risk of an accident and have to plan for that. The good thing is that there are a lot of safety aids you can use. Having these tools gives you peace of mind. You know that you’re safe enough to move on your own. A smart wearable is a good idea. This is something you can use to signal for help should you fall. Consider uncluttering your home and removing carpets, just to be safe.

●    Home Changes

It might be a good idea to make big changes to your home if necessary. For example, some folks need to install a smaller kitchen counter and cooking area if they’re using a wheelchair. Others have to install safety bars in their restrooms to increase safety. Some folks have to install a new type of walkway without any stairs. It may seem like these types of changes might be too much, but you’ll be happy you did it. The good thing is that these sorts of changes can be reversed. When you regain your mobility, you can go back to normal.

●    Mind Engagement

Mobility doesn’t only depend on your body’s strength, your mind also plays a big role in this. You need to engage your mind in any way that you can. Go ahead and participate in group therapies or other types of therapies. Be sure to challenge your mind whenever you can because you’ll need that. Talk to loved ones, and let them know you need to stimulate your mind as often as possible so that they help, too. Virtual reality mobility exercises can be used to engage the mind and body, which is pretty cool.


Now, you have the steps to take to improve your mobility after a stroke. Don’t do just one of these suggestions; try to do all of them if you want to get better.


Exercise Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Wheelchair Photo by   Marcus Aurelius


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