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James Burns is a Network Specialist for Routers network. That’s why he created the Child safe Guide.

As we all know how badly our new generation needs the smartphone, it is also a must that we review the pros and the cons of the kids using smartphones. Being a parent or anyone who cares, you need to check whether your child is doing well if he is not in your company. There are hundreds of questions that arise regarding the wellness of the child. For example, if the child is out, we need to know where he is? If he is late, we need to ask when you are going to return. There are many more reasons that make it clear that our children must use smartphones because the internet is an ocean of knowledge, but also we know that with some advantages, everything has got some particular disadvantage too. Keeping your kid away from the nasty world over the internet is in itself a great job to do. The smartphones undoubtedly provide unmonitored access to the graphic adult content as well as different gaming or gambling sites and application.

Also, if we talk more seriously on the topic, there is the problem of cyberbullying and the no of fake websites, online scams our children can face. The university called Middlesex’s study found that about 53% of the generation in the age of 11-16 had seen the explicit material online. Among these, 95% of the children watched the content before the age of 14.

Ofcom discovered that every 8th child is a victim of the cyberbully on social media over the internet which is a big thing to worry about.

There are few measures on which we can count to control the usage of smartphones by our children:-

  • We can choose a handset and the data plan that meets the need of the child and your budget as well.
  • Set the parental controls and monitor the kids’ phone usage so that you may know which sites and applications your child is using in their smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • You can also download an application for parental control called Google family link, which is available for android as well as for apple devices. They are free of cost. Here are the steps for setting up the Google family link.
  1. Whatever device you use, if you don’t have a google account, you need to sign up for one.
  2. After signing up, download the family link application.
  3. Open the application and sign in as the parent and within the application, you also need to set up a separate account for your child if your child ages below 13. For the next step just follow the instruction.

  • How can you manage the activities of your child using the Google family link? Well, here are the steps for doing the same.
  1. First of all change the purchase approval settings. The application allows you to keep a check on the kind of purchase your child is doing or what purchases can he make. So, even if anything is available for free, they still need to get your permission. Also include in-app purchases, which means that they’ll need your consent to download anything bought from within the application, be it the costumes, the weapons, or the coins.
  2. Set up parental control. This will help you monitor the actions of your child and will restrict your child from downloading age-inappropriate games, applications, movies, and TV shows.
  3. Restrict the other activity, which means you can also control which website can your child use and block the usage of some particular websites that your child can visit using chrome or any other browser.
  4. Track the location of your child. You can be able to find where your child is and pinpoint the location of your child’s smartphone using the location settings.

There are many benefits of the smartphone. A child may get immense knowledge of any subject; he is willing to know about. But if we don’t know what the child uses within the phone, then maybe he goes on the wrong track, which outnumbers the disastrous side of using a smartphone: 

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