Safe Meat Serving Temperatures

Angry bbq shared that there’s nothing more embarrassing than dedicating your time to a wonderfully grilled piece of meat, only to cut into it and discover that it is still raw on the inside. After hours of hard work and focus, having to fire up the grill again and throw the meat back on is incredibly frustrating. When learning to grill there is nothing more important than knowing the temperature to cook your meat to. Otherwise, it can end up in illness and in some severe cases; death.

Safe Meat Serving Temps…

Beef 160 degrees Fahrenheit
Chicken 165 degrees Fahrenheit
Turkey 165 degrees Fahrenheit
Pork 145 degrees Fahrenheit
Ground Pork 160 degrees Fahrenheit
Lamb (roast) 145 degrees Fahrenheit
Lamb (ground, chops) 165 degrees Fahrenheit
Fish 145 degrees Fahrenheit


One of the most difficult meats to grill is beef. Many love their steaks medium rare or even rare. As a griller, it can be difficult to know what is safe. Fresh beef should be cooked to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure no one will end up sick. The absolute bare minimum is 145 degrees; but even then, try not to risk it. Some cuts of beef are cooked or smoked well past this point like a brisket usually runs over 200 degrees.

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