Sunscreen: Which SPF Should I Use?

Toby Dash, an editor at that blogs all about the world of skincare, health & beauty recently shared a post by Anne Matea about sunscreen.   It begins by stating that we all know we need protection from the damaging UV rays. We also know that we need a cream, lotion or moisturizer with a high SPF. But what does high SPF actually mean? And what does SPF stand for? Could you prevent skin cancer if you choose a higher SPF? And what sunscreen protection would actually be recommended for you?

Let’s discover together how we can use the sun protection factor to reduce premature skin aging and prevent sunburns. More than this, we will have a look at how long SPF can actually protect you from the damaging effects of sun exposure and how to use the sunscreen to get the best possible benefits. But first …

Why do you need SPF?

Sunscreen has multiple benefits for the skin, such as:

  • It helps prevent the occurrence of premature signs of aging at the level of the skin;
  • It helps keep the skin hydrated, even during prolonged sun exposure;
  • Can help prevent skin burns;
  • It reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

To find out what is the best sunscreen, you need to take into consideration certain factors such as:

  • Your skin type;
  • The season/ the weather;
  • How long you’re planning to be out in the sun.

Despite some popular myths, you need to apply sunscreen whatever the season and your skin type might be. It is true that sun exposure is more dangerous during the hotter months of the year and for people with fair skin, but we all should use an SPF.


To read the entire article that covers the topics of:

What is SPF, and how is it measured?

How do you calculate the SPF you need?

Very fair sensitive skin
Normal, medium tone skin
Dark skin
How to correctly apply sunscreen

Types of sunscreen

Sunscreen absorbing UV rays and
Mineral filter sunscreen (reflecting UV rays)
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