Would You Cry After a Major Cooking Fail?

Sarah Hollenbeck from Postmates shared with Healthy Lombard that since we share a variety of healthy living tips, she wanted to reach out with some data on the most common cooking fails and how consumers react to them. This is especially timely as many people add “learn how to cook” on their 2020 resolutions list.

In her article, Sarah wrote that everyone from kitchen newbies to culinary aficionados can agree that cooking fails are inevitable (pro tip: watch out for your fingers or learn the hard way like this guy). Whether you are trying a new recipe or whipping up your favorite dish for the hundredth time, a slight distraction can turn a delicious meal into a disaster in seconds. Some fails are so bad—and hilarious—that people take to social media to share their kitchen mishaps with friends and family. But no matter how major your fail is, Postmates has your back with all your favorite snacks and meals ready to order for delivery at the touch of a button.

What do people typically do after major cooking fail? First, they tend to tweet about it, see more on that later. We surveyed 1,000 Americans to get the inside scoop on just how emotional a cooking fail can be.

Emotions Run High After a Cooking Fail

Just under half of Americans would try to salvage what’s left of their meal. The rest have a different approach, choosing to vent their frustrations instead of returning to the kitchen. 29% would give up entirely and order out (the best option, in our opinion). 22% would throw everything in the trash, 8% would have a good cry to get out their frustration and 7% would skip eating altogether out of sheer anger.

Different generations have quite unique approaches to cooking blunders. Younger home cooks (18–24-year-olds) are around twice as likely to cry out of frustration than older generations when faced with a burnt or overseasoned dish. But older generations aren’t immune to these cooking frustrations, as 25% would toss the entire meal in the trash rather than trying to salvage the dish.

To read the entire article (that contains some great visuals), click here.

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