8 Reasons to Use Streaming for a Budget Workout

Lauren, who works with the content team at Reviews.com shared with Healthy Lombard that as we begin the new year, many folks are making plans to get in shape for the first time in 2020. For those who may be nervous to visit a gym and work out in front of others, that can be a daunting task. 

The team at Reviews.com recently released a guide to streaming workouts, which is a great alternative to the drudgery of the gym. Their goal is to help folks find a realistic, accessible routine that works for them — cutting out obstacles that may derail their progress.

Because Americans are as busy and sedentary as ever, with technology increasingly connecting the various components of their lives, exercising in this age of connectedness requires great will power and determination, despite its general importance to people’s health. Along with the obvious benefits of exercise and an active lifestyle are enhanced emotional wellbeing and even higher energy levels.

But going to the gym isn’t for everyone. Between work, school, parenthood, and so much more, fitting a workout in can be difficult and expensive. Looking for an alternative to a gym membership? These are some of the most important (and sometimes hidden) benefits of streaming your next workout:

1. It Saves Money

Chances are you’re already paying for internet service at home. Dropping your gym membership could save you hundreds of dollars per year. Think about all the things you could do with this extra cash. In case you’re still on the fence, just think about how many people sign up for and pay for a gym, only to work out for a month in January and then basically stop going.  Most of these people probably tell themselves they’ll start their gym routine again. This well-documented trend leads to people paying for a membership they don’t use. Instead of falling into that cycle of signing up for and then never using the gym, you could use this extra money to splurge on that paid yoga app you have been wanting to try. All you’ll need after that is a yoga mat.

2. The More Convenient the Workout, the More Likely the Follow Through

Most people don’t live right next to the gym. Just the thought of getting your workout clothes on, jumping in the car, and facing traffic to go to the gym is probably enough to deter you on more days than you’d like. Streaming your workouts removes all this hassle from the equation, so the chances of getting your workout in increase every day. All you need to do is carve as little as five minutes, find the workout you want and get to it.

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