99 Amazing Pre-Workout Snacks to Crush Your Next Workout

Jake from HealthListed.com – a health blog that focuses on optimizing athlete nutrition and performance shared with Healthy Lombard that as a fitness enthusiast—or bonafide gym rat—your main goal is to get your body in the absolute best shape possible.

While hitting the gym and going for a run will obviously test your body’s strength and fitness level, the type of food that you eat is equally important to the entire process.

In fact, we argue that it’s the most important.

While there are tons of benefits to fasted workouts, eating a healthy, well-balanced snack or meal before you start getting sweaty is one of the best ways to prep yourself for an intense workout.

This guide, we’ll show you 99 different recipes for pre-workout snacks that you can easily make no matter your skills in the kitchen.

Why Pre-Workout Nutrition Is Important

Fitness freaks and body-builders everywhere always seem to put a great deal of focus on post-workout meals, but what you put into your body before you start working out deserves just as much attention.

Filling your body with proper nutrition prior to working out will allow you to see considerable gains throughout your entire body.

This is something that’s absolutely necessary if your main goal is to build up your precious muscles. Luckily, with the right recipe, no creatine is required!

Additionally, eating a nutritious snack before even touching a dumbbell will give your body the energy it needs to keep moving in order to set a new PR. You just need to make sure you are helping your performance, not hampering it.

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