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Action for Healthy Kids’ Game On shared that the days are longer, the temperatures are rising and the fruits and veggies are (hopefully!) more local during the summer growing season. Take advantage of any summer wellness programs offered through your local community, city or parks department.

Need other ideas? Jump into June with these fun and summer-perfect activities that will surely keep everyone safe, active and healthy.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get the whole family and community physically active. Create a list of commonly found nature items in your backyard or community park, and consider incorporating simple, experiential activities (such as skipping a rock or spotting a wild animal). Individuals or teams then scramble to collect the items or perform the activities within a given time limit. Provide healthy snacks, and create a friendly competition by handing out prizes for the person or group that completes the hunt first.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month; Game On Activity: Food Art
Did anyone ever tell you to stop playing with your food? Many of us may have heard this before, but “playing with your food” by creating food art is a great way to introduce healthy foods in a fun and interactive way. What is food art? Think fruit and vegetable animals, fruit trays in the shape of a rainbow or balloons made out of grapes. It’s fun, creative and delicious!

Game On is a no-cost online guide that provides all the information and resources you need to host a successful school wellness program in your school. Forward this email to others in your school community or download and share the Game On Informational Flyer

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