How To Camp With Your Dog

There are different regulations depending on where you go. While this guide is a good place to start, always make sure to double check with the specific park or camp area you are visiting to see the regulations. The last thing you want is to have to turn around with a disappointed family and pet in tow!

National Parks

There are very few National Parks that will not allow you to visit with your dog. Any developed areas or lodging is typically fair game for any of our pets. However, they also do not want you to leave your dog alone on a campsite. It has to stay by your side at all times while you are at the national park.

It becomes a little dicier if you intend on going deep into the backcountry. You can often not camp in the backcountry with dogs. There are very few, if any, exceptions to this rule. It is important to follow this because these rules are in place to protect certain species that your dog may intentionally or unintentionally disturb or harm. Make sure if you intend on backpacking or heading into more rugged territory that you check with your park and see the regulations. If you are unsure, check out this National Park Service map to see what your park’s rules are!

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