Healthy Valentine Alternatives

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and that means lots of valentines day treats.
It seems as though this time of year is filled with chocolate and sweet treats, but the good news is, there are healthy treats that can be used as alternatives.
You don’t always have to give candy themed gifts to kids (and adults), and to get you started here are 5 healthy alternatives to Valentines Day treats to consider:
1. Oranges.
Oranges are not only sweet and juicy but they are full of vitamin c. Why not give your Valentine a basket of oranges along with the note “Orange you glad you are my Valentine?” This is a great way to stay healthy while still having a little fun. You can even include a memo like this with a snack cup of mandarin oranges.
2. Glowsticks.
Head to the dollar store and grab a package of colorful glow sticks. Give a glow stick to your Valentine along with a note that says, “I am glowing for you, Valentine!” Everyone loves playing with glow sticks, and they make the perfect non-candy treat.
3. Pretzels.
Give your valentines snack bags of baked pretzels. You can even include a memo along the lines of, “You have me in knots, Valentine!” Pretzels are a healthy, low-fat treat that your recipient is sure to love.

4. Popcorn.
Pop up a bag of low-fat popcorn and your Valentine will love you forever. You can create a memo with a play on words such as, “Pop on over and be my Valentine!” Popcorn is an excellent alternative to chocolate and yet still feels like a treat.
5. Toothbrush. (This one is for Dr. Cerone)
Give your valentine a toothbrush along with a memo that reads, “You know how to make me smile, Valentine!” Everyone can use a new toothbrush, and chances are, you have tons of them in your stockpile.
As you can see, you don’t need to resort to sweet and sugary snacks during the season of sweethearts Give these alternatives to candy a try and see how easy it is to stay healthy and happy while embracing the Valentine’s Day season!
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