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The 5 Big Benefits Of Avocado Oil for Hair Loss

Sarah Hayward, Vice President of Hair Loss Revolution  feels that  hair loss is horrible.. But contrary to mainstream beliefs, there is actually a lot you can do to beat hair loss and re-grow lost hair using just essential oils. In this ‘Ultimate guide to using avocado oil for hair loss’ you’ll learn: The amazing benefits of […]


College of DuPage Nursing Student Monika Buch poses the question, “Are you addicted to the internet?” Social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes and booze according to researchers at Chicago University after following an experiment in which they recorded the cravings of several hundred people for several weeks. In fact, Facebook addiction shows […]

How to Prevent Strength Training Injuries

In the Tivity Health Silver Sneaker newsletter, Lou Schuler shared that with a few simple precautions, you can get the results you want without taking unnecessary risks. He write that the kid flying around the gym was in fantastic shape, no doubt about it. After lifting, jumping onto a stack of boxes, and running sprints while […]

Staying Healthy during Cold and Flu Season

Jennifer McGrath, L.Ac., Dipl.OM shared that this year it is predicted that there will be 1 billion colds and 95 million cases of the flu in the United States alone. While the misery of cold and flu season might be inevitable, one thing is changing: where we look for relief. The easiest way to protect against […]

Easy Meal Prepping Ideas and Recipe

College of DuPage Nursing Student  Christine Nwaezeapu knows that  meal prepping can be a daunting task but there are lots of benefits, such as: weight control portion size ingredients a nutritionally balanced diet So here  are some points to follow prior to beginning the process; Pick a specific day of the week to cook your meals […]

Early-life intervention can prevent childhood overweight, obesity

An intervention delivered through primary care offices providing nutrition education and parenting support beginning in a woman’s third trimester of pregnancy and continuing through her child’s fourth year can mitigate against early childhood obesity, according to study results presented at ObesityWeek. “Pregnancy and early infancy are promising times in the lifestyle for child obesity prevention,” […]

What is Naturopathic Medicine ?

Julia Malkowski BSc, DC, ND Candidate, Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine  at http://brannickclinic.com/ a a practicing DC who is completing her second doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine shared that  a common misconception about Naturopathic Doctors is that we are simply “Natural Doctors”. While this may be partly true, it is far from the whole truth. ND’s are much more than […]

5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

Jennifer Dawson, the Content Manager for a small health and wellness site, shared with Healthy Lombard that coffee remains as America’s favorite beverage. According to a poll, about 83% of American adults are coffee drinkers, consuming an average of three cups a day per person. Indeed, people all over the nation are investing in sophisticated coffee […]

Place of birth may be related to your risk of dementia mortality

College of DuPage Nursing Student Sadie Baker found that a study published in the journal, Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders in 2011, demonstrated a pattern between Americans aged 65-89 who were born in the ‘stroke belt’ states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama) with an increased rate of dementia-related mortality. The study’s findings […]

Second-hand smoking: Effects on children

College of DuPage Nursing Student Andrew Weber shared that a recent study indicates that second-hand smoke exposure in children contributes to childhood obesity as well as poor performance in school. This new study published in 2016 by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University states that children who are passively exposed to second-hand smoke […]