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Apple Crunch Day is Coming – Join Us!

On “Apple Crunch Day”, Healthy Lombard is encouraging everyone to crunch into an apple in a unifying action to raise awareness about eating better diets for our health and the environment, access and affordability of fruits and vegetables, and supporting local farmers. Hundreds of thousands of school students in Illinois will crunch into an apple […]

The latest on reducing belly fat

  CAITLIN DOW wrote that packing on pounds around your midsection is easy. Losing them takes a lot more work. Here’s the latest evidence on what (and what not) to do. Sitting & belly fat The time you spend in a chair, on the sofa, or in a car may affect the size of your belly. […]

How long does your vacuum sealed food last?

Sarah Archer, who supports Your Best Digs with content development and PR effort and is passionate about evaluating everyday home products to help consumers save time and money, shared that storage is everything when it comes to keeping your food fresh. Throughout more than 50 hours of testing vacuum sealers and discussing with food-safety experts, her […]

What Parents Need to Know about Enterovirus D68

The Center for Disease Control shared that every year, millions of children in the United States catch enteroviruses that can cause coughing, sneezing, and fever. These viruses most often spread in the summer and fall. Enterovirus D68 is one of many enteroviruses that can make people sick. Take basic steps to protect your child and […]

What is metabolic syndrome?

Neha Shah, M.D., who specializes in bariatric & obesity medicine and internal medicine at Edwards-Elmhurst Health share that if you carry a lot of weight around your waist, you’re boosting your risk for heart disease. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes you are also at a higher risk. When you have all three, […]

Sleep paralysis, is it always awful?

College of DuPage Nursing Student Sarai Lopez discovered that sleep paralysis is a phenomenon involving a lack of ability to move your body, just before sleeping or as you are waking up. Right off the bat; an experience that sounds like it should be terrible every time, and is even worse when it happens on more than one occasion. […]

ATVs kill more children than bicycles: Pediatricians urge families to yield to safety

Trisha Korioth, American Academy of Pediatrics, shared in Advocate’s Children Health that you don’t see them just on farms anymore. All-terrain vehicles are popular among outdoor enthusiasts of all ages who ride them through trails, fields and off-highway vehicle parks. The four-wheeled motorized vehicles require skill and quick thinking. Therefore, the Itasca-based American Academy of Pediatrics […]