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5 Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight

SIDNEY FRY, MS, RD , a two-time James Beard Award-winning food and nutrition writer, editor and mom based out of Birmingham, Alabama who is a registered dietitian with a passion for research and being proactive about health, shared with My Fitness Pal asks, “Is what you drink affecting your ability to lose weight?”  The short answer is […]

When Children Lose Control

Jennifer Breheny Wallace, a freelance writer in New York,  shared in the Wall Street Journal that gone are the days of children being “seen and not heard.” Today’s parents know that it’s healthy for a child to express a broad range of emotions. But parents sometimes struggle with how to help their child rein in […]

Keep Your Cool in Hot Weather!

The Center for Disease Contro; shared the following information about heat-related illness and how to stay cool and safe in hot weather. Now is the time to prepare for the high temperatures that kill hundreds of people every year. Extreme heat causes more than 600 deaths each year. Heat-related deaths and illness are preventable, yet […]

Getting More Exercise and Why It’s Worth It

Jay Ell Alexander is the owner and CEO of Black Girls RUN!. Black Girls RUN! is an organization aiming to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide encouragement and resources to new and veteran runners.  Recently she shared the Office of Women’s Health that Many of us have experienced times in […]

How to protect kids from the sun’s harmful rays

Tanya Altmann and Tiffany Fischman shared in The Washington Pos that it’s long been known that excessive childhood sun exposure and sunburns are significant risk factors for developing skin cancer and premature aging (such as sun spots and wrinkles) later in life. Children have thin, delicate skin and are even more susceptible to sunburns than […]

10 Reasons to Get Moving Today!

The Center for Disease Control shared that sure, you’ve heard that physical activity might help keep the weight off, but are you familiar with the other reasons physical activity is so important? Here’s a look at 10 benefits of physical activity and why you should get moving today! Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes or […]

Protect Your Children: Store & Use Medicines Safely

The Center for Disease Control shared that each year, thousands of children are treated in emergency departments after finding and ingesting medicine, or after accidentally being given the wrong amount.  Learn how to keep children safe by practicing safe dosing and storage. June is National Safety Month and a perfect opportunity for parents and caregivers […]

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

The Center for Disease Control shared that Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, or HFMD, is a contagious illness caused by different viruses. It is common in infants and children younger than 5 years old because they do not yet have immunity (protection) to the viruses that cause HFMD. However, older children and adults can also […]

Is my newborn normal?

Therese Gracey, M.D.Specialty: Pediatrics with Edwards-Elmhurst Health shared in their Healthy Driven blog that  Moms know what a big change it is to have a newborn at home. You’ve waited for months for your baby to get here. Now she’s here and you aren’t quite sure what to make of this tiny creature. During the first […]