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Coaching your child to a successful school year

Dr. Erik L. Johnson, from Amita Health, says that back to school means back to routine for everyone, and for parents that can be a real challenge for their children after a summer filled with sleeping in, later hours and nonstop fun.Getting children in the mindset for returning to the classroom starts long before the […]

Tis’ The Season for Fresh Veggies & Fruit

Sue, Rachel & Yash at Health Track Sports Wellness shared in their recent newsletter that we are at the height of fresh summer fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of the season to visit a French Market or Farmers Market. This is a great opportunity to expose your kids to new and interesting produce. With the […]

Learning well: Plan for a healthy start to the school year

Laura Milani Alessio, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, shared that freshly sharpened pencils, glue sticks and other supplies top the back-to-school checklist for many families. Making sure children have everything they need to stay healthy and safe, however, also is essential to a successful year of learning. “To thrive in school, every child needs […]

Get Arthritis Relief with Acupuncture

Healthy Lombard Vice President Jennifer McGrath, L.Ac., Dipl.OM shared in her newsletter that most people are familiar with the term arthritis, which may conjure up images of twisted, knobby fingers or achy knees, but did you know there are over 100 different types of arthritis? For many people, arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided as the […]

Is It Better to Shower at Night in the Summer?

Heidi Mitchell shared in the Wall Street Journal that the average American takes a shower each day, using about 16 to 40 gallons of water while washing his body and clearing his mind. Some swear that cleaning before bed, especially in hotter months, relaxes the muscles and improves sleep, while others insist an eye-opening morning shower […]

Barley Reduces Appetite, Lowers Blood Sugar

Healthy Lombard Member Michael Tomaselli from MJTPersonal Training shared this article written by Sandy Todd Websterm Editor in Chief of IDEA’s publications: A 2015 study from Lund University in Sweden shows that barley can rapidly improve health by reducing blood sugar levels and lowering the risk for diabetes. The secret lies in the special mixture of […]

What Your Gait Says About How You’re Aging

Lou Schuler  shared this storyi n Silver Sneakers: I grew up, like so many of my fellow boomers, in fear of turning into my parents. And like so many of us, I used that fear as motivation to eat better, exercise more, use sunscreen, and age as gracefully as possible. But long after my parents’ generation […]

Health Local Is Back in Lombard!

Health Local is a magazine-style monthly cable show that features segments on Healthy Hints, Exercises, Demonstrations of Easy to Follow Recipes, and advice from Health Professionals. After a brief “vacation,” the show is once again being shown on Lombard’s Cable Station (times listed below.)   The Goals of Health Local are to: • Make physical […]

Glenbard Parent Series (GPS): Navigating Healthy Families

GPS is an educational consortium dedicated to presenting distinguished, engaging speakers who share their knowledge, cutting-edge research and life experiences. In doing this, we provide opportunities to inspire and enrich families as well as build strong communities that are both proactive and informed. Our mission is to enhance our students’ social and emotional learning, encourage […]