September Wellness Tips for Dads 

As a parent, you always want the best for your child—that’s a given. Making sure they’re healthy, happy, and safe are your priorities. But what about your well-being?

Your child deserves a parent that’s doing everything in their power to be the best version of themselves. Why? Because your health and happiness affect your child.

So while you’re reading this article, keep in mind that these tips are for more than just your benefit. It’s for your kids too.

Embrace Your Emotions

Despite the ongoing conversations around mental health stigmas, there’s still a trend of men refusing to talk about their emotions. It could be embarrassment or lack of knowledge on how to begin getting in touch with this side of themselves. According to a Mental Health America infographic, about 6 million men are affected by depression yearly. Moreover, men are four times as likely to die by suicide than women.

Start learning healthy ways to process your emotions—that might mean crying when you feel like you need to or writing down your thoughts. Find what method works best for you, and set a good example for your kid by teaching them healthy outlets for their emotions.


Shape Up Your Diet

Children are like sponges, and they mimic a lot of their parent’s actions and dialects. Whether your kid is older or younger, you want to set a good example for them. Most times, if a child sees you eating a healthy, well-balanced meal, they’ll be more apt to eat that way too. Why would they want to eat vegetables when you’re eating a McDonald’s meal?

A nutritious diet is extremely important in households with kids, as data shows that only 2% of US children eat a healthy diet. Switching your diet to a healthy one isn’t as hard as it used to be. With the ever-growing list of healthy food box delivery services available now, you have many options. If a meal box subscription doesn’t fit your budget right now, you can always access free healthy recipes online. From there, just start choosing meals that appeal to you and implement them slowly into your diet.

Go to the Doctors

Do not let fear or stubbornness prevent you from going to the doctor. It’s your job to schedule yearly or as-needed health check-ups. That way, if there’s ever anything concerning to address, you can start working towards getting healthy sooner rather than later. To hold yourself accountable, schedule your health appointments around your child’s. That way, they’re easy to remember.

Also, don’t let seemingly minor issues go unchecked. If you’ve been experiencing problems in a specific area for a few weeks, it might be best to see a professional. Some symptoms that you wouldn’t expect can signify bigger issues. For example, did you know erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of heart disease and diabetes? Or that shortness of breath can indicate lung disease?

Get Better Sleep

There’s no question that sleep is essential, and while everyone would love to get the recommended 7-9 hours, it’s not always feasible—especially for parents of young children. However, despite that hard truth, it’s still worth trying to get quality sleep. There are a few simple ways to start getting better sleep. First, get your child on a sleep schedule. It might be difficult, but it’ll help you a lot if you can get your sleep schedules the same. Second, put away electronic devices at least 30-45 minutes before bedtime. The blue light from your phone can keep you up. A few other things to try are blackout curtains, a white noise machine, or a sleep mist.

Try these tips out—you won’t regret it!


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