Mocktails Ala mode! 

Penelope DelValle, who will be studying business and law courses at DePaul University shared with Healthy Lombard that…
As a freshman entering my collegiate journey, I have stepped into the world of young adulthood. With this new sense of freedom certainly comes a sense of responsibility. To combat the real problem of alcohol poisoning among students, DePaul University assigns and eagerly advertises a module course to all of its students newly coming into the University. After learning about the real issues that can be associated with too much alcohol consumption, I began considering alternatives for youths and people in general that would like to be in the social setting of cocktails and socializing but wish to avoid the consumption of alcohol.
Hence, this new excerpt idea for the Lombard Health paper: ”Mocktails Galore!”
Below I will share some simple recipes you can entertain guests within your home or at a social gathering. Being conscious of our health, people of all ages should be aware of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol in the body can hinder rational decisions, become toxic to imperative organs such as the liver or kidneys, and is correlated with increased signs of aging of the skin and body. Without further ado, here are the recipes!


Piña colada Ala mode (for the fruit lovers)
1 can of unsweetened coconut milk
½ can of pineapple chunks
¼ can sweeten condensed milk
1 squeezed lime juice
Add ice to taste
Blend blend blend!!
I suggest adding this concoction to a fancy margarita glass to add to the effect and wow your guests!


Frozen Espresso Hot Chocolate (for the coffee enthusiasts)
1 packet of standard hot chocolate mix
1.5 cups almond milk
2 tsp standard coffee mix (optional)
A handful of chocolate chips
Ice to taste
Blend Blend Blend!
Try a martini glass for the impression of an espresso martini! Remember presentation is key!


Cherry spritz (for those that prefer a sparkling beverage)
1 can of sprite or Sierra Mist
2tbsp cherry syrup concentrate
A handful of frozen cherries
Ice to taste
That’s it! Super simple and fun! This concoction can substitute the cherry syrup concentrate for another fruit concentrate!


Hopefully, some of these recipes can bring a smile to you and your guests!
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