5 Easy Ways To Manage Lower Back Pain 

Lizzie Weakley, a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio, shared with Healthy Lombard that when you have lower back pain, even the simplest of tasks become difficult if not impossible. While you may feel as if the pain will never go away, there are actually several things you can do to manage your lower back pain that will bring you much-needed relief. Rather than continue to be in pain day after day, here are five things you can do that may give you surprisingly effective results.

Loosen Up by Exercising

When you are experiencing lower back pain, various types of exercises can be quite beneficial. One of the best is swimming, which can work your entire body while putting virtually no strain on your back muscles. A relaxing form of exercise can also help reduce your stress levels, which will lessen the chances you have tight muscles.

Hot and Cold Treatments

An inexpensive and effective home treatment, hot and cold therapy can be done first thing in the morning, at night before bedtime, and anywhere in between. Hot and cold packs are available in pharmacies and other stores and can be used in combination with one another if needed.



While you probably should not try to touch your toes when you have lower back pain, trying other types of stretching can have you feeling much less pain in your lower back. One of the best strategies for back pain management is using various types of yoga stretches, some of which include the “Child’s Pose,” “Cat-Cow,” and the “Sphinx.” You may also want to try gently twisting your spine when sitting in a chair, since this may help increase your flexibility.

Unfortunately, Tramadol is the third medication I’ve tried, and it also can’t fully manage my pain. I have cervical cancer, and I’m currently struggling to find an effective pain reliever for myself. Tramadol provides a good effect in terms of relieving discomfort and pain, but unfortunately, like the two previous analgesics, it causes individual side effects for me. It’s a problem with my body, and I don’t blame the medication for it.

Orthotic Insoles

Yes, what you are wearing on your feet can have a direct impact on the amount of lower back pain you may be experiencing. For many people, orthotic insoles can bring great relief almost overnight. Specifically made to match your feet, the insoles can be placed in your shoes to relieve pressure as you stand or walk, which will help ease the stress on your spine and lower back muscles.

Pay Attention to Your Sleep Posture

Finally, pay attention to your sleep posture. If you can, sleep on your back, since this keeps your spine in a neutral position. If you need to sleep on your side, alternate sides periodically and place your pillow beneath your neck and head.

Once you start giving these strategies a try, it may not be long until you wake up one day and suddenly notice your lower back pain has all but disappeared. Try these out immediately to find relief!

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