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NAFLD and its implication on life


Thumbs up - Male student doctor with stethoscope on white backgroundNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is a growing concern all around the globe. People all over the world are encountering this disease in greater numbers. In fact, it is believed the numbers keep rising by a big margin, year-on-year. What could be the reason for this? Well, to name a few, our food intake, exercise regimen, and stress levels are all contributors to causing NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) which is excess fat accumulation in the liver.

Why does NAFLD happen to people?

The answer to this question is still not defined. But what we do know is that there is a need to bring about awareness about the disease. The liver, an important organ of our body, needs to be taken care of. When the problem is diagnosed, it needs to be addressed immediately to avoid future problems. As the name suggests, NAFLD does not happen due to alcohol consumption but happens because of one’s unhealthy lifestyle choices. The liver holds a certain amount of fat, but anything that exceeds that limit is a cause for concern. It should be known that if the problem is not addressed at its nascent stage, it can become life-threatening too. So, how do we address this issue, and what’s the way forward?

To begin with, we need to understand what causes NAFLD and NASH. An excessive amount of fat in the liver could be due to some below-mentioned problems, which are:

  1. Obesity
  2. Type II Diabetes
  3. Dyslipidemia
  4. Insulin Resistance

This does not mean that people without these conditions won’t be prone to NAFLD. Studies are still being done on other causes as many people without any history of such ailments have also been victims of NAFLD.

How is India dealing with NAFLD?

The Health Minister of India recently launched the operational guidelines for the integration of NAFLD with NPCDCS which is the National Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Stroke. The Ministry of Health in India has recognized NAFLD as a huge problem that is being overlooked and is taking appropriate measures to ensure people are well-informed and doctors are well-equipped to deal with the issue. NAFLD is one of the leading causes of liver diseases in India, a problem that needs to be addressed. The Minister of Health also said that Obesity and Diabetes were among the leading causes of NAFLD in most cases.

Through the program introduced, the public will have more information on what causes this problem and how it can be taken care of too. In fact, India is soon to become the first country to act against this rising problem. With proper information and access to medical treatment, many people’s quality of life can be improved. As we all know, the fatty liver does not come with signs and symptoms, and it is often overlooked because of this. In most cases symptoms are experienced only when the disease has advanced. So, once people know the implications that they may face with pre-existing ailments like obesity and diabetes, they may begin taking better care of themselves.


The 2 mantras to beat fatty liver

  1. Eat right: India in fact is pushing the message of ‘Eat Right India’ in order to bring about change in people’s daily lifestyles. We have become so accustomed to oily and fatty food that it is almost challenging to eat the nutritious food cooked at home. And for some people, home-cooked meals can also be high in fat content. Keeping a balance is particularly important. It is only natural that we eat outside. But minimizing the amount of food we eat from out and keeping a tab on the type of foods we eat is extremely vital. For someone with pre-existing ailments, it becomes even more important. By doing so, you are not just avoiding fatty liver but many other ailments too. In fact, when we fall ill, it is a nutritious and healthy food that gets us back in good health. So eating right is beneficial for our overall health.
  2. Staying active: Just like the government has been promoting the Eat Right India movement to enable and encourage people to eat healthily, the government has put into action a ‘Fit India Movement’ to keep people in good shape. This initiative will help people realize the importance of staying fit by performing yoga or exercising at home or the gym. It is quite challenging, but every day, if a person puts in enough time to do basic exercise, it can go a long way. Of course, setting timelines can be challenging, but it is only for the better that this choice needs to be made. Apart from keeping ailments like NAFLD away, exercising can help calm the mind too thereby keeping stress away. You will feel mentally and physically more active to perform tasks more efficiently.


In conclusion, it is only with proper care that we can avoid a problem like NAFLD. In fact, your doctor will also ask you to make a drastic lifestyle change to reverse the effects of fatty liver. There is no medication that can cut the liver fat. So, at the end of the day, being healthy is completely in your hands. As difficult as this may seem at one point, challenging yourself to stay healthy and make healthy choices each day is a must. It is never going to be easy, but once it becomes a habit and you learn the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, you’ll never want to get rid of the habit. So go on and make a choice today for a better tomorrow. After all, there is only gain in the long run.



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