Flu Shot for the Kids!

College of DuPage Nursing Student Niro Nazareno shared with Healthy Lombard that in a recent article entitled, 5 Reasons Kids Need Flu Shots Every Year, Falusi (2019) recommends children in the U.S. get a flu shot every year. Parents are often concerned, however, about the safety and side effects of the flu shot. The flu is a dangerous, contagious virus that may cause illness or death (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2020) and infect the nose, throat, and lungs, is clearly demonstrated.

The Flu Makes Kids Very Sick
Some ask why the flu vaccine is recommended. Flu season peaks from October to May (Falusi 2019). The flu is not just an ordinary cold, it is actually dangerous; it is very contagious, and a child may end up in bed with a high fever, painful cough and body aches for more than a week. Your child may be able to overcome the flu, however, since they are surrounded by others, they may spread the virus even when not experiencing symptoms. The flu virus changes frequently, so a child may still catch a strain of the virus if they do not have an updated vaccine. Overall, it is best to get a flu shot.

You are your baby’s best protection

Young children, especially babies, are most vulnerable to flu (Falusi, 2019). To reduce risk, it is recommended to be vaccinated during pregnancy (Falusi). When you are pregnant, the vaccine’s antibodies are passed to the baby, a defense mechanism that may last for several months until after the baby is born. Young children with developing immune systems often do not have the same ability as adults to defend against severe infections (Falusi).

With all the advantages of the flu shot, it’s strongly recommended being vaccinated every year. The flu shot helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle by preventing the flu which is an unnecessary illness for no reason. When in doubt, it is important to consider the pros and cons and seriously consider heading to your nearest primary care provider.



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