15 Amazing Benefits Of Exercise

Join Your Gym shared that exercise is good for you, everybody knows that. But did you know exercise can benefit almost every area of your life? Perhaps you’re aware of the physical benefits, but what else can you gain from a regular workout? That’s what we’re going to answer here, by illustrating the 15 main ways exercise positively impacts your life and health.

Things like weight loss and muscle gain are well-known reasons to start working out, which I’m sure many of you have considered in the past. But did you know that exercising can also reduce certain health risks, boost your energy levels, and leave you with healthier skin? It’s not just your physical health that can reap the rewards either. Exercising has a huge effect on your mental health, well-being, and overall quality of life. Knowing these benefits will maintain motivation levels and show you new ways you can use exercise to improve your life.

So what are the 15 benefits we’ve settled on? Check out our illustration below, showing the three main areas we think they fall in to.

Physical Benefits


This is a common motivation for doing exercise and is one of the more obvious benefits. In simple terms, maintaining a healthy weight comes down to the number of calories you eat each day compared to the number of calories you burn. Doing exercise burns calories and can also increase your metabolism. This means that there are fewer ‘excess’ calories at the end of the day, minimizing weight gain. Of course, this is an oversimplification, there are many more factors that will affect your weight. But it’s fair to say, these two things play a big part. Activities like running, cycling, and high-intensity interval training are great for burning calories at a high rate. Always remember, however, that exercise alone is not enough to stay healthy. A balanced diet is equally important, so make sure you pay just as much attention to what you eat when starting a workout plan.


Muscle and bone are both living tissue that can grow and gain in strength from exercise. Activities like rowing and weightlifting actually break down your muscles during a workout. This then leads to them growing back even stronger, after a period of rest. If you’re looking to bulk up Arnold-style, then strength training is certainly the best bet. A lesser-known benefit of weightlifting is greater peak bone mass, which is important for staying active as you get older. If lifting heavy weights isn’t your thing, try weight-bearing activities, also great for strengthening bones. These are things like running, hiking, football, and tennis.

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