Camping First Aid Kits: What Do You Need To Bring?


The CampCorner wrote that accidents happen, especially when you spend time in the great outdoors. Skinned knees, burned fingers, splinters, sunburns, bug bites – there are dozens of ways that a first aid kit can come in handy when you are camping. The purpose of first aid is to assess the situation, ask for help if needed, and then care for health problems that arise suddenly. You can provide comfort and keep small injuries from becoming bigger problems.

Of course, in the case of a serious illness or injury, it is extremely important to call for help immediately. Most campgrounds post emergency contact information on their printed maps or near the communal bathrooms. It is good to know which number you would need to call in the event of an emergency and to make sure that you know where you would go to get cell phone reception if you do not have a strong signal in your campsite.

There are many pre-packaged first aid kits available for sale, or you can choose to assemble your own. Many of the recommended items in this article are probably already in your medicine cabinet at home!

If you are assembling your own kit, it is easy to customize it according to your needs. If you buy a prepackaged first-aid kit, make sure it has everything you need. Some first aid kits will advertise that they contain ‘one hundred pieces,’ but if eighty of those pieces are bandages and ten others are pain relievers, you might end up underprepared.

What should be included in a camping first aid kit?

Here is a list to get you started:

❒ A sturdy container for organizing supplies

❒ CPR face shield

❒ Non-latex gloves

❒ Antiseptic cleansing wipes

❒ Antibiotic ointment

❒ Sterile adhesive bandages

❒ Non-stick pads

❒ Adhesive tape

❒ Instant cold pack

❒ Gauze

❒ Moleskin for blister prevention

❒ Tweezers

❒ Scissor

❒ Pain-relieving medication

❒ Anti-diarrheal medication

❒ Antacid and bismuth tablets

❒ Antihistamine

This is a list of commonly used first aid items that no kit should be without.

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