Today Is Apple Crunch Day – Join In!

On and around Food Day 2020, millions of people around the country will crunch into an apple in a unifying action to raise awareness about eating better diets for our health and the environment, access and affordability of fruits and vegetables, and supporting local farmers. Hundreds of thousands of school students will crunch into an apple at lunchtime, joined by Americans at public Food Day events, in cafeterias, and at home.

The Apple Crunch originated in New York City in 2012, with approximately 400,000 New Yorkers biting into a locally grown New York State apple at the same time on Food Day. In 2013, the Big Apple Crunch in New York City set a world record with 1,000,000 people participating. The activity has spread across the country, and thousands of locations had Apple Crunches for Food Day 2014.

Healthy Lombard is extending the invitation today to be part of their Crunch Bunch to everyone!  And thanks to Jewel/Osco who provided FREE apple coupons and IRV & SHELLY’s Fresh Pick who donated TWO bushels of apples from Mick Klug Farm from Saint Joseph, Michigan, to a local school, everyone can easily. participate at any time as well as anywhere today – classroom, home, office.

When you do participate, send us a selfie ( or post it on our Facebook Page.

Here’s the link to the FREE Apple coupon.


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