Together in Teal

Karen Young & Sandra Cord, Illinois Chapter Managers for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) are inviting the public to become part of the Together in Teal® – No Boundaries on September 26th as an act of “tealness” that shows commitment to making a difference.
Our communities and our world look very different today and while the traditional Together in TEAL events are not able to take place in the interest of safety and public health, NOCC is launching a nationwide campaign and event that will enable our community to unite from coast-to-coast, including places we’ve never before been able to reach.

On September 26, kick off the day with an activity of  YOU CHOOSE. Run, walk, ride, skip, jump — whatever gets you moving safely. Then come together with family, friends, and supporters and watch their online National Broadcast Celebration featuring stories and celebrating the accomplishments of our TEAL community.

NOCC is also using the time leading up to the event to share “tealness” with communities and neighborhoods across the country by performing #randomactsoftealness.  For example:


  • Find opportunities to carry out random acts of kindness within your local community – maybe deliver a meal, volunteer, leave flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep, or post an inspiring message in your window.
  • Take a photo of your act, post, and tag it with #randomactsoftealness

To learn more about NOCC and to register for Together in Teal, click here.

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