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Planning for the Next Normal at School

Action for Healthy Kids developed a playbook for school reopening (whether in person or virtual) from Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools initiative aims to equip school and district leaders with evidence-informed guidance for keeping school communities healthy and safe as we shape a new approach to learning. The playbook was created with guidance from more than 30 school health organizations, including AFHK.

The Planning for the Next Normal at School playbook is an evolving collection of recommendations, co-authored by Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Action for Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Campaign, and SHAPE America to address the total health needs of the school community for in-person and virtual learning environments. The playbook provides a framework to understand, assess, and implement strategies for COVID-19 prevention, social drivers of health, physical activity and physical education, staff and teacher well-being, and mental health and well-being.


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This playbook will be updated periodically, and your feedback is important.

Please take this anonymous survey to let us know what you found is valuable and what you would like to see included in the future.


Main Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash


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