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Your Guide to Food Storage for Healthier Eating

Kelli Gardener, a blogger at GroomandStyle.com, a healthy lifestyle blog that is on a  mission to help reduce food waste by teaching people how to properly store food.

To help us spread the word about this topic, they created an in-depth, comprehensive guide on storing food that they feel will help others decrease their food waste and prepare better meals.  Here is what they shared:

Organizing the food storage in your home is a great way to simplify meal preparation and planning while keeping your food fresh for longer. It gives you the convenience of grab-and-go food with all the nutritional benefits you gain from your at-home cooking, whether it’s the simple meals, canning meals you put together to please the whole family or your personal culinary masterpieces.

Additionally, having methods for proper storage can help you cut down on food waste. Decreasing your food waste is good for the environment and good for your wallet. After all, it can be a drag on your finances to continually buy food that you won’t ever get to eat.

Each type of food has its own storage needs, including tips or tricks that will keep it in peak condition for longer. The best way to preserve your food is, of course, the method that works best with your lifestyle and eating habits.

Nonetheless, if you find that you’re throwing away a lot of spoiled food, it might be time to experiment with new storage techniques and even some home preserving, such as pickling or canning, to help you keep healthy snacks in your kitchen and allow your food budget to go further.

How to Cut Down on Food Waste

Wasting food can drag down anyone who spends a lot of time in their kitchen. While it’s inevitable for food to go bad eventually, you ideally want to stay ahead of the process, so that you can prepare items before this happens.

In many cases, food waste tends to result from having a plan for part of your produce, but not knowing exactly how to use the other part. For example, many of us put the radishes in the salad, but toss the greens to the compost.

Meal planning can help us use all parts of the food we eat. However, it must be paired with proper storage in order to keep these foods fresh for the time that we’re ready to prepare them.

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