How To Have Fun While Cooking?

Ilse Dumont and her hubby run Culinary Ambition, a blog about food and travel. They recently put together an article on How to have fun while cooking and shared it with Healthy Lombard.  The article states that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

It also asks, “How often do you invite friends over and everyone ends up in the kitchen?”  It happens to the authors all the time and they love it. They add that the chef of the evening can easily join the party! It is usually also a time to share a few recipes, which is always a win! (yes, their friends also still inspire us with their cooking ideas)!

Therefore the couple is happy to share a few hints and tips to make your cooking experience fun without stress.

  • The first and most important decision to know is obvious but not always easy for many; decide what you would like to cook! Don’t wait until the last minute to choose and don’t make last-minute changes either.

  •  If you are experienced, you probably have a recipe in mind and will sort all the necessities in no time. If you are a beginner or you rather rely on a recipe… keep reading.
  • Read the recipe all the way through and make a market list with all the ingredients you don’t have in stock at home. Enjoy shopping!
  • Before starting to cook, read the recipe again. Make sure you understand all the culinary terms and notice how much time you need for the preparation and the cooking as well as how many portions you can make with the recipe.

To read the entire article, click here.

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