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Diego Blake, from Sum Up Everything, shared with Healthy Lombard the following advice for new healthcare graduates.  He asks, “Now that you have completed your education and your practice what’s next? How can you get your desired job? A health recruiting firm may be the answer. As the healthcare industry is changing with time. Most importantly recruiting standards are changing rapidly. For hospitals, specialty groups and private practices prioritize highly qualified professionals who can adapt. The procedure is pretty simple. You drop your CV and your requirements and the firm matches it with attributes a client has requested.

Here are some of the top 10 job boards and recruiting agencies for healthcare professionals.

Health eCareers

Health eCareers is not just a job board but also offers a variety of career resources, information for all types of professions, and news coverage about current affairs in the medical field. For those seeking a job, Salary Calculator and Salary Guide are sources to determine how their pay stacks up as compared to others in the field and also offers to measure factors such as specialty, experience, and location.

For those who want to remain updated with the current and future of healthcare, Health eCareers site offers a variety of articles, posts, and insightful discussions aimed mainly at medical professions.

JAMA Career Center

The main firm “The Journal of the American Medical Association” has an affiliate platform which is the JAMA Career Centre which is a comprehensive resource made for people seeking active and passive jobs.

You can customize search by using filters like specialty skills and desired locations throughout the US or anywhere else. Also, there are volunteer opportunities open for traveling physicians.

In addition to it, this site also publishes news and advice for the professionals to help them map out their careers.

360recruit AgencyUK

Even if you are a nurse, a physician, a surgeon, or anything related to the medical field and seeking a good job near your area in the UK? 360recruit Agency is the best option for you. With hundreds of employers connected with them. It is easy to get your preferable job through them.

They also offer temporary and permanent contracts. So you can choose what kind of job you need. Not only jobs, but they also upload content daily addressing their audience with every information about the medical field and advise them on how to choose their jobs to prosper in this field.

If you are looking for some site that is an information-first resource for healthcare then is a great choice. This site publishes weekly articles and blog posts about different medical careers.

Some of the articles are quite famous for thousands of readers. Those articles include “An EMT can do more than EMT!” and “Four Great Medical Jobs for Shy People”.

Also, this site offers a medical comparison tool that identifies which kind of medical job is the best fit for any individual by using some filters like salary requirements, education, physical, mental, and other filters.

A company started its campaign in 2007 as a companion website with

MedJobsCafe is one job site that is dedicated to dentists, nurses, biotech workers, and pharmaceutical professionals. The number of jobs in their listing is in thousands and provide potential job seekers with granular data about employers.

They also provide additional information like the quality of schools and weather coverage in the job posting area.

This platform is quite similar to other ATS platforms as this site offers new job alerts, customized profiles, and a CV database of active and passive professional healthcare individuals.

This platform is solely designed to connect women with the medical field. MomMD is one of the largest sites of its type. With over +1 million female professionals and 11 thousand active members, this site offers a variety of resources for females at any stage of their medical careers.

It doesn’t matter if females are still learning in medical schools or physicians continuing CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses to stay ahead of the medical industry.

The MomMD job board combines potential opportunities from recruitment staffing firms, private practices, academic employers, and hospitals mainly across the US.


One of the oldest firms started in 1994. Mozilla is a firm connecting pharmaceutical, medical, biotech, and healthcare professionals to employers since then. Even if it is that old it is still not that big.

However, searching for jobs through their platforms is free. While on the other hand, those who pay an annual fee can have access to My MedZilla. This access means that you can now see the site’s internal applicant tracking and CV management system which auto scrape job postings from the page and also deletes or archives inactive resumes. This helps them to promote high-quality candidates without doing much additional hard work.


As the name shows. HospitalCareers is a site that partners with over 20 state hospital associations. This site quickly finds and place healthcare professionals in hospitals all across the US. Employers pay an annual fee and this company automatically opens every position from companies ATS with actual no limit of positions an employer can post.

All applications are submitted via this site which feeds the potential candidates back into the company ATS. The circle of partner hospitals is increasing and more opportunities are coming towards individuals seeking new jobs.


CareerVitals is another board having a modern, well-connected network of healthcare employers. This site offers the indeed application for smooth and seamless processes for job seekers. To make sure that every individual is setting themselves up for success. Also, CareerVitals with the partnership with TopResume offers a one-step resume critiquing service.

Health Career Center

This is one organization started by the American Hospital Association which supports and helps 3 million members from over 330 different healthcare groups including industry players like LabCorp.

Job seekers can access this site and search for their preferred job by using their all in one search tool. Additionally, they offer professional services like career coaching, webinars, and learning centers to maximize their potential for success.

They launched a series of videos through which they address employers with valuable insight into future challenges and other things like emerging roles in healthcare.


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