The Top 12 Outstanding Benefits of Drinking Water to Heal Your Body

Scott Fanello, the Editor of, LLC suggested to Healthy Lombard an article by Ana W. from Eternal Oak,  a fitness writer who gained her research and writing skills by working as a librarian and getting a B.A. in Humanities. After realizing that all the time spent behind a desk was harming her health, Ana began using her academic abilities to research the science behind popular fitness techniques and find out what really works. Ana lost 20 pounds with a plant-based diet, and now she’s an avid hiker and kayaker who wants to share what she’s learned about fitness with others.  Here is her article:

Water is an essential part of making your body run in optimal condition, so those who want to feel healthier, think more clearly and look better need to think carefully about their water intake.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the taste, drinking water is definitely worth the hassle. Keep reading to find out all the great benefits of water!

12 Advantages You Get From Drinking Water

Boost Your Energy and Physical Performance

If you want to be able to exercise easily, you need water. A 2007 study found that even the slightest bit of dehydration can impair your performance, especially in hot weather (1). You especially need water if you are doing any sort of endurance related activity like running (2).

Being dehydrated while you exercise is particularly bad because research shows it damages your DNA (3). If you want to exercise at peak performance, even adding just a little water will help you maintain your energy.


To read the other 11 Advantages, click here.

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