Black Garlic

Dmitrii  from asks, “Do you know garlic?”  He guesses your answer will be yes. But then he assumes the garlic you know is the white garlic you are used to. However, Dmitrii is referring to the black garlic, which is more beneficial and a flavorful way to achieve a more satisfying meal. It is beginning to make a wave in the culinary industry, and due to its incredible health benefits, Dmitrii thinks it is essential you know about them, especially if you are a more adventurous eater so he shared the following information with Healthy Lombard.

What is Black Garlic?

Going into a little bit of long history about black garlic, its use as a high valued medicinal and culinary product was more popular in Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and Thailand. Korea is often said to be the place where black garlic originated from, where its process was thought to have been developed over several centuries.

According to historical records, black garlic was said to be used as a diuretic, antibiotic, digestive aid, anti-parasitic, and a wide range of several other ailments. It is widely known for the anti-oxidant properties it possesses.

Today, black garlic is mostly used for its exceptional flavor and texture as a superior quality ingredient. It is also becoming more popular for its nutritional value that, in a way, cannot be compared to raw garlic. Black Garlic simply refers to aging fresh garlic that has gone through a long time of fermentation process under highly controlled temperature and humidity.

The properties of a typical Black Garlic as compared to raw garlic include the following:

  • Higher in Anti-oxidants
  • Easier to digest
  • Sweet and Tangy
  • No Garlic breath
  • Mild immune Boosting effects
  • Higher in some minerals

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