CDC Healthy Schools BAM! A Website for Kids

Did you know CDC Healthy Schools has a website just for kids? Check out the BAM! Body and Mind website, with cool health info including an original webcomic series!

The BAM! Body and Mind website is for tweens (kids 9–12 years old), their parents, and their teachers. BAM! has information on health topics such as how the body fights diseases and how certain foods give kids more energy to exercise and play. BAM! gives tweens the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The BAM! Immune System page has an “Ask a Scientist” comic series. These comics teach kids about how the immune system defends the body against disease (and introduce new vocabulary words) using cool illustrations, vibrant colors, and exciting stories set in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction. Kids can also learn about helmet safety and concussions and raise their mercury IQ by visiting our Don’t Mess with Mercury page.

The BAM! Sun Safety page has information for kids on the importance and correct way to protect themselves from the sun and skin cancer. Kids can get the science behind the sun and UV rays, sunburns, how to prevent sunburns, what to do if they get one, and more. Learning good sun safety habits early on is important for a lifelong practice.

Epilepsy is one of the important topics included in the BAM! Disease Database. Although we aren’t always sure why epilepsy currently affects more than 460,000 children younger than age 18 in the United States. Picture a school with 1,000 students—at least 6 students would have epilepsy. The Epilepsy page includes frequently asked questions about epilepsy and debunks myths about the disease. It explains what seizures are, how to spot a seizure when it is happening, and how to give first aid to someone having a seizure. There’s also information on the stigma around disease, why it’s wrong to make fun of kids with epilepsy, and how to respond to bullying.

So check out all the great information on the BAM! website. While you’re there, download the interactive Dining Decisions game— a free app that helps kids learn how to make smart food choices.

Remember, healthy students, are better learners! Introduce kids to the BAM! website today and help them get a head start on a lifetime of healthy behaviors.

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