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College of DuPage Nursing Student Schyle McKee shared that kayaking and canoeing is a great way to have fun on a sunny summer day. Being on the calm water in a manually propelled vessel can be quite relaxing and it promotes awesome exercise.

There are many ways to enjoy a day on a boat. Float on to the middle of that pond to soak up the sun, racing your buddies who are in the boats that are next to you, casting a line overboard to catch a fish or two. The possibilities go as far as your imagination, which is pretty much endless.

Did you know? It’s easy to burn calories by paddling! The average person burns about 300 calories an hour. Get out there and paddle those calories away! Paddling really gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing too. Getting the heart rate up strengthens the heart muscle making it more efficient. This very good for the rest or your body as well.

Also, when sun rays hit the skin, Vitamin D is made. Vitamin D is needed to help calcium absorption to make bones strong. This form of getting vitamin D is great for all ages. Vitamin D is in very few foods but it could also come from supplements. Why buy supplements, however, when its easy to go outside, jump in your boat, and catch some rays? On the plus side, it’s free AND healthy!

For many people, being in nature helps them feel better and relieves their stress! Nature can reduce anxiety and negative feelings all while producing happy feelings. Nature sooths the mood!

Kayaking and canoeing is a great healthy hobby that will surely be a new exiting experience every single time!

Some things to remember when doing these activities are:

Wear proper sun protection.

Wear the correct Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while on the water.

Bringing the appropriate clothing for the weather.

Checking the weather (stay off the water in chance of lightening).

Checking where boating and fishing is permitted.

Here are a few websites you can visit to get more information about what is mentioned in this article and what’s available in your area:


Vitamin D-

Sun protection-

Calorie burn-

Fishing near Lombard-

Boating near Lombard-

Boating safety-


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