Vacation Guilt: America vs. Europe PTO 

According to a new study by New View Strategies, 72% of Americans say they are experiencing burnout at work, but almost half say they aren’t using all their paid time off. “Vacation guilt” could be to blame. The study found that 1 in 3 feels guilty about taking PTO.

  • 37% of Americans regret taking a vacation because of the workload before/after
  • Nearly half of Americans check and send work emails while on PTO
  • A majority of Americans (81%)  get 4 weeks or fewer of PTO (70% of Europeans get 4+ weeks)

Even those who do take some time away are often still connected to work. About 60% say they have received a call from their boss while on PTO.

The study highlights that people are working hard to achieve the American Dream, but at what cost? Everyone wants their business to be as efficient as possible, but studies have shown vacation days are vital to fight burnout and make sure employees are at the top of their work game.


To view the full study report, click here

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