If you’re still working from home, now nearly 18 months into the pandemic, you’ve got no excuse—at this point, you should have put together a proper workspace or home office (or found a professional contractor who can help).

Certainly, many people have limitations in terms of space, but much can be done with little, and you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to look professional in the Zoom Age. By now, at a bare minimum, remote workers should have a dedicated, functional space that supports their bodies, appropriate accessories to look and sound professional on video calls, and something other than a blank wall in their background.

For the most part, people are getting their act together, pulling their cats off their laptops, rejecting the kitchen counter as a “desk,” and learning the essentials of lighting. But many more are still several home improvement projects away from being in a place of comfort, productivity and professionalism.

CRAFTJACK recently surveyed 1,520 Americans who have been working remotely during the pandemic to understand their experiences in improvised workspaces, their attitudes towards presentation on video calls, and the consequences of their bad habits. 

Investing In Your Home Office

CRAFTJACK began by asking about time and money invested in home workspaces. Great news: 91 percent of people have done something to improve their workspace over the past year, and 90 percent have spent money as part of that process.

More than half of those we surveyed have invested in a new chair, and one in four have gotten a webcam. Also of note, 58 percent of respondents said their employer has chipped in either with money or supplies to support the development of their home workspace.


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