Fast Food is Negatively Impacting Health  

College o DuPage Nursing Student Madison Campbell shared with Healthy Lombard that popular fast-food chains are always in business. There is an abundance of fast food locations at every turn. Having so many options like these make it very difficult for Americans to live a healthy lifestyle. A recent study (Fuhrman, 2018) reported only 2.7% of Americans to adopt a relatively healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a healthy diet. Obesity is a well-known major health problem in the U.S., and fast food is making matters worse.

Consequences of Fast Food

Americans consume so much fast food that it shortens lifespan by years (REF). People who consume high amounts of fast food are at a higher risk for early stroke, heart attack, and diabetes (REF). If people do not provide their bodies with proper fuel, the health-related consequences are severe. Many of these health issues, however, are preventable by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is essential in order to live a long and healthy life and reflects the well-being of the body. Eating a healthy diet helps establish positive self-esteem and consuming essential nutrients provides energy, helps the brain to focus, and even improves mood (REF).

With so many benefits from eating a healthy diet, why do people consume so much fast food and processed food? One of the reasons is cost; fast food is cheap and easily accessible. There are numerous enticing fast food options that one may encounter while simply driving home from work. With the numerous restaurants and edgeways, it is often tempting to purchase and consume fast food. 

Healthy Alternatives

There are healthy alternatives, even for busy individuals who are ‘on the go’, if one makes a habit of selecting these healthier substitutes. Fried food can be substituted for grilled food; soda for water or sparkling water, and fries for apples. Smart decisions such as these can make a big difference in the nutritional state over time. Several nutritious options also exist that people may not be aware of, for food ‘on the go’ such as Farmer’s Fridge, Protein Bar, Smoothie King, or True Food Kitchen.


Eating healthy is important for individuals of all ages; from infancy throughout adulthood and for the elderly. Nutrition is extremely important for good health and adequate development and longevity, in addition to the quality of life and a sense of well-being. Fast food is not the only option for ‘on the go’ eating; healthier options are available. Americans need to understand the many options to improve nutrition and begin to eat healthier to prevent the untoward health consequences impacting our generation.



Fuhrman, J. (2018, April 3). The hidden dangers of fast and processed food.


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