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United States Of Burnout

portrait of worried and stressed hispanic girl biting nails and looking at camera on white background2020 felt like the year of peak burnout for many Americans. But with ongoing financial pressures due to inflation, and a nonstop slew of distressing world news, Americans are still feeling burned out two years later.

Burnout is defined as “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” We’ve likely all felt it before, along with the symptoms of tiredness, irritability, and insomnia.

So where in the U.S. are Americans feeling the most burned out? And what is causing it? To find these answers, we analyzed Google search data for terms related to burnout. We also surveyed over 1,000 Americans to ask about burnout, their symptoms, and how they cope with it.

Which Cities are the most burned-out in 2022?

Those living in Orlando, Florida are the most burned-out across the U.S. Two other Florida cities, Miami and Tampa, are also in the top five most burned-out cities in the U.S. With many beautiful beaches not too far away, there’s no shortage of places to take a break from it all, disconnect, and recharge.

The second most burned-out big city is Minneapolis, followed by Cleveland (3rd). Big cities face unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, with large populations of people confined to small spaces resulting in outbreaks of the novel virus. This may be one reason that these cities are particularly struggling, even two years later.

Other cities struggling with burnout include Atlanta (6th), Sacramento (7th), Nashville (8th), Baltimore (9th), and Seattle (10th).

Top Causes of Burnout in Each State

A lot of different things in life can cause burnout. From work to school, finances, and even social media. We analyzed hundreds of terms related to burnout and found the top searched cause of burnout in every state.

A whopping 45 states Googled work burnout the most. This doesn’t come as a surprise after The Great Resignation has seen many Americans switch jobs over the past year.

Even though work was the top cause of burnout in most states, the most searched burnout-related term across the entire U.S. was mental burnout. This could be an indicator of how multi-faceted burnout is, and how it can impact many areas of our lives at once.

The pandemic has been extremely tough on nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers. Florida, Arkansas, and Wyoming are searching the most about healthcare professional burnout.

To view the charts and read the entire article, click here.

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