Make-Ahead Road Trip Snacks to Save Time and Money

However long the road trip and whether it’s just you or a crew, snacks are always welcome on the ride. In fact, nutrient-dense, satisfying, make-ahead road snacks don’t just make the trip more enjoyable. They can help you stay more alert, prevent hanger, and help stabilize your energy levels. Plus, since you can make fewer food and drink stops, packing your own snacks can also save you money and help you get from point A to point B faster.

So, what should you bring? This snackable guide takes you on a tasty tour of road-trippable options. No matter your budget or dietary considerations, this list can be your go-to guide for make-ahead snacks that are easy to transport. We’ve included some shelf-stable items; others require a cooler. You and your copilots can enjoy each option either in a car or while you pull off for a pit-stop picnic. Read on for our favorite homemade snacks to fill you up, so you can go the distance.

Breakfast sandwiches

A great thing about a car trip? It’s a good reminder that you can enjoy breakfast foods — including breakfast sandwiches — any time of the day. Part of the beauty of a good breakfast sandwich is its simplicity: All you need is bread, protein, extras, and storage.

For example, pack a protein-packed bagel sandwich filled with smoked salmon, pickled asparagus, and eggs.

Tip: Don’t skip the schmear of cream cheese. It can help glue the sandwich together, preventing the fixings from winding up on the steering wheel.

Or go extra savory with a frittata-style sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich — baked up in a Bundt pan. The frittata makes all your fillings cohesive and much easier to enjoy on the go.

Granola bars

Granola bars can be crunchy, chewy, salty, savory, and/or sweet. Their versatility combines with another road-friendly feature: Homemade granola bars can be cut into whatever size is the best fit for your road trip crew’s appetite.

Granola bars can include nut butters, tahini, dried fruit, dried vegetables, nori, and chocolate chunks — you name it. Plus, making a batch of granola bars doesn’t even have to require turning on the oven. Many recipes can be shelf-stable after they’re prepared, so you don’t even have to pack a cooler.

Ready to get your granola on? Try out these fruit and seed-packed, applesauce-sweetened oaty energy bars, or combine sweet and bitter with these honey, almond, and tahini healthy no-bake granola bars. Homemade bars can be packed in single-serve bags or tucked into a travel food container for easy grabbing on the go.


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