The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home the Right Way

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You are at home. You have your laptop. The Wi-Fi connection is working fine. You are wearing your PJs.  You can eat at your table, whatever you want and whenever you want.

It’s comfortable, relaxing, and your boss can’t hover over your shoulders watching your every move. So you can even take those few minutes to fill that BuzzFeed quiz because sometimes it’s fulfilling to know which Disney character you are based on your fast food preferences.

But you still have to work. Get that last code written and blog post reviewed. At the end of the day, you don’t want the work to pile up.

If you are procrastinating and feel unproductive when working from home, here are some effective practices you and your team can follow to get the ball rolling.

Just Getting Started? Here’s How to Prepare

When you are telecommuting, it’s important that you make sure you are well-prepared. Even though it may seem like there’s nothing much to do, there are a few steps you need to follow to stay productive throughout the day.

Want to keep things productive? Then you need your own distraction-free space, a workstation.

The idea of typing away on your laptop while laying on the bed or sitting on the couch while the TV is on might be tempting. But it won’t do if your goal is to be productive.

A workstation with a proper desk and a chair where you can keep your laptop and work will create the atmosphere you need to keep your focus.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dedicated home office in some corner of your house, but a place that will help you prepare mentally and concentrate on your work while evading the commotions in other parts of the house will suffice.

Tip: Pretend like you are actually going to work. Do all the things you would do if you were actually going to the office. Set an alarm, wake up early, make coffee, wear decent clothes (not PJs), etc.

If there are too many noises that keep on interrupting you, you should consider using or buying noise-canceling headphones.

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