How COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Millennial Health

Harmony Health Care shared that healthcare has been at the top of mind for Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how seriously have millennials been about their personal health throughout the last year?

As a health data management firm interested in the health habits of millennials, we recently surveyed millennials on the topic of healthcare, primary care physicians, and annual physical examinations during the pandemic.

COVID-19 and Millennial Health

According to self-reporting respondents, 79% of millennials say they have a primary care physician. A similar survey conducted by Harmony Healthcare IT in 2019 revealed that 76% of millennials had a primary care physician.

A majority of millennials (65%) also say they made sure to receive a check-up or annual physical during the pandemic and 28% say they became established with their primary care physician during the pandemic. Compared to our survey in 2019, the percent of millennials who received a physical within the last year remained unchanged at 65%.

Millennials Ignoring Health Issues

Many millennials are still putting off going to the doctor and ignoring health issues altogether. According to respondents, 43% have been putting off addressing a health issue and 34% have not received a check-up since the pandemic. These numbers have remained relatively unchanged since our 2019 survey, which showed that 45% of millennials had been ignoring a health issue and one-third had not received a check-up within the last year.

The most common reasons why millennials are putting off check-ups include safety concerns due to the pandemic (50%); they feel healthy (41%); and visits to the doctor are too expensive (34%) or too inconvenient (25%).

To read the full report, click here.

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