This year, Flat Apple 2021 has incorporated a

Social/Emotion Learning component (SEL).

One kid - many faces, series of clever schoolboy 6-7 years old with facial expressionsThe purpose of doing this is to incorporate the health of “the whole child,” i.e. physical and emotional health.

What Is Social Emotion Learning?   Click here to see a great video that explains!

Activities under Mindfulness Mondays are targeted to help kids be more self-aware of their emotions, the emotions of others, and how to manage both personal and interpersonal interactions.

What is Mindfulness?

Life Coach Lori Wrzesinski gives a great explanation in this video:

The Concept of Being Still

One of the first steps towards mindfulness is being still.  But this is a difficult concept for children to understand.

This video, by Life Coach Lori Wrzesinski, is a great way to help children learn how to “Be Still.”

You can view it on our YouTube channel Too.

The Art of Paying Attention

It is easy to say, “Pay Attention,” but how do you teach a child to do that?

This video offers an easy method to follow.

Healthy Lombard also strongly encourages parents and guardians to dialogue about helping kids verbalize, “How am I feeling?”

One way to do this is by using a tool like a chart shown below to spark conversation.

A copy of this chart is available for download here.

Another SEL tool to encourage Mindfulness is the BINGO SHEET designed by the Whole Kids Foundation shown below.

Participants can complete a BINGO card each week and then submit them at the end of Flat Apple with their Tracker Sheets.

Each Bingo Card is worth 2 tickets.

A copy of the BINGO Card can be downloaded here.

Parents’ Corner

Here are some excellent, short videos to help parents  help their children along their Mindfulness Journey:

Forming Habits Takes Time

Making Good Choices