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Camping couple heating the supper and washing potJules from, a blog about outdoors and travel adventures, asks Healthy Lombard followers to envision yourself camping in winter, soaking in breathtaking scenery of majestic peaks covered with snow, and pristine frozen lakes. But come night, that is when the nightmare begins. Imagine trying to sleep in a tent while shivering as your tent freezes into an igloo from outside in. It is certainly not a great night to remember.

But thanks to man’s innovation of tent heaters, you now have freedom to camp anytime of the year, even in winter. It gives you more power and control over the environment. Tent heaters for camping are one of the most effective means to beat the cold.

Having a tent heater is also extremely relevant for ice fishing. When you are outdoors, it is important not to underestimate the temperature, especially at night. It can affect your fishing experience, being very uncomfortable or worse catch hypothermia. So never camp unprepared.



Embrace winter camping with the right supplies to safe and warm. Consider layering winter clothes and getting right boots for winter camping. During winter, campsites are not as crowded as other seasons, so you may be able to enjoy the tranquility at its best and reconnect with nature. Your kids can roam around freely without worrying about cars from other campers.


If you are camping with your kids, safety should be your top priority. Consider unpredictable weather during winter, freezing temperatures could pose a danger to your children.

A general guideline, temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit may be too cold for the human body to withstand tent camping. Your body temperature and your heart rate may drop. Prolonged exposure to the cold can have adverse effects on your health. For this reason, you may require at least a tent heater to protect your family.

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